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As a UK higher education provider, Solent University is required to set out in writing how we intend to widen participation, support access to higher education, reach out to students from non-traditional backgrounds and help all students to achieve their goals.

This information is contained within our access agreement documents, which are approved annually by the Office for Student's director of fair access. The OFS are an independent public body tasked with safeguarding access to higher education for those from disadvantaged or non-traditional backgrounds.

Our last four access agreement documents can be downloaded below. Older agreements can be retrieved from the Office for Students website.

2020-21 access and participation plan

2019-20 access and participation plan

2018-19 access agreement

2017-18 access agreement

2016-17 access agreement

Please note: these are technical documents and are not the best way for prospective students to learn about the support on offer here at Solent. For more student focused information, please visit our  student support or finance homepage.

Find out more about our Access Agreement Financial Support Package

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