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Higher and degree apprenticeships build on our reputation for delivering courses in collaboration with industry partners. These new programmes are part of a government funded initiative to offer learners a workplace focused alternative to traditional degrees.

Each higher or degree apprenticeship programme is designed in partnership with employers to support the development of their staff. Throughout the programme, students will learn employer-defined skills, knowledge and behaviour outcomes while studying for a nationally recognised and professionally accredited academic qualification.

This approach to staff development is designed to help businesses to develop talent and fill skill gaps within their organisation. It is hoped that both young people and adults will see higher and degree apprenticeships as a desirable route into more senior roles.

Why an apprenticeship?

Apprentices earn a HNC, foundation degree or honours degree while also benefiting from steady employment and a full-time wage. They graduate with 2-4 years' work experience, a recognised higher level qualification and zero tuition fee repayments.

Who pays the fees?

All course fees are paid jointly by the employer and the government. Recent government announcements have confirmed continued funding for higher education that sits within an approved higher or degree apprenticeship programme.

What's in it for employers?

Higher apprenticeships help businesses to attract motivated and aspirational staff, training them in a way that maximises their potential and addresses specific business needs. Apprentices are fully employed and help manage day-to-day operations throughout their training.