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Southampton Solent University uses PaytoStudy to facilitate its international payments. By using this service we can offer cheaper, faster and more secure payments from outside of the UK. To get started, please visit

PaytoStudy use a simple three step process to ensure that funds are sent securely and without cost:

  • Visit to make a user account and enter your payment details. You can find out more about how PaytoStudy keeps your information secure by following this link.
  • Your payment will be processed using the exchange rate for that day and deposited into a local PaytoStudy bank account.
  • Once PaytoStudy receive your payment, it will be immediately transferred to the University via an account here in the UK.

Using PaytoStudy offers a range of benefits, both for students and for Southampton Solent University:

  • Safe and secure international transactions with no additional charges.
  • Both parties benefit from competitive exchange rates.
  • 24 hour payment tracking and customer service support ensure that you are kept up-to-date.
  • Family members can quickly and easily make payments on your behalf.

For more information, please visit the Pay2Study FAQ.

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