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Associate Professor Roy Hanney collected the Education Award, on behalf of DVMISSION 48 Hour Challenge, at this year’s Shaping Portsmouth Conference.

7th February 2023
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Mission Director, Roy Hanney collected the award on behalf of the whole team behind DVMISSION, and for all the challengers over the last 18 years. He said, "This is the best birthday present for DVMISSION as it comes of age."

DVMISSION is a film festival with a difference, in that all the films screened at the gala premiere and awards ceremony have been made in the preceding 48 hours. At 5pm on the Friday night, teams from across the country are given a film ‘title, genre and line of dialogue’. The teams then have just 48 hours to return on Sunday at 4pm, with a finished two-minute film.

Over 2000 young creatives have taken part in the 48 Hour Film challenge in the last 18 years, at least 50 from Solent University. Graduate, Ben Sutton, took part for the first time when he was just 14 years old and came back every year through school, college and University, before joining the BBC.

As well as having teams taking part in the challenge, the event provides great work experience opportunities for Solent media production students, who shoot and edit all the media of the event.

Shaping Portsmouth CEO Stef Nienalowski said of the award, "DVMISSION has been for the past 18 years, undertaking talent development in Portsmouth and running a networking event for young creatives. They do this without funding and against all the odds, this is a group of passionate volunteers who have helped many, many, young creatives get started in their careers. Over 18 years 2000+ have taken part in DVMISSION, a tremendous success for an unfunded organisation.”