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About the group

The Warsash Maritime Technology and Innovation (WMTI) Research Group is a team of dedicated professionals committed to advancing the development of maritime engineering and technology. Our group comprises staff, students, and external researchers, as well as industry experts who collaborate to find innovative solutions to current and future challenges in the maritime industry.

A ship's officer on the bridge of a ship looking through the window with binoculars

Our research covers a wide range of areas, including commercial, passenger and fishing vessel safety; structural fatigue, shipboard, terminal and port operations; navigation, maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS), maritime safety and pollution prevention, alternative fuels and sustainability (UN SDGs). Through quantitative and qualitative research, we aim to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of these operations by exploring new and innovative approaches.

The WMTI Research Group thus provides a platform for researchers and experts to come together, share their knowledge and insights, and work collaboratively towards finding solutions to pressing maritime challenges. We are committed to finding sustainable and innovative solutions that contribute to the development of the industry.

Areas of expertise

  • Maritime technology
  • Commercial and fishing vessel safety
  • Structural fatigue
  • Port and terminal operations
  • Alternative fuels/green fuels
  • MASS
  • Environment studies
  • Maritime safety
  • Marine pollution prevention
  • Sustainability (UN SDGs)

Aim of the group

The aim of the WMTI Research Group is to explore and develop innovative, user-friendly technological solutions that enable safe and efficient maritime operations. Our purpose is to stimulate innovative research and thinking and stimulate innovative thinking through workshops, formal and informal discussions, seminars, publications, exhibitions, site visits, and conferences and to conduct cutting-edge research.

Our interdisciplinary approach enables us to draw upon expertise from diverse fields to provide holistic solutions to complex challenges facing the industry. We seek to foster a research culture within Solent University, Warsash Maritime School, and to support other research initiatives in the maritime industry.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the maritime industry by enhancing the safety and efficiency of maritime operations worldwide. We believe that by working collaboratively and promoting innovative thinking, we can make a meaningful and positive impact on the industry, while also inspiring the next generation of maritime engineers and technologists.

The research group will work towards developing a vibrant research culture within and among various branches of Solent University and will actively support the research initiatives undertaken by other research groups, as well as with other universities worldwide.

We look forward to collaborating with different entities and stake holders related to the maritime industry.

Postgraduate research opportunities

The WMTI Research Group offers supervision for Master/PhD degrees. This includes practice-led research in the field of maritime engineering and technology. We welcome prospective post graduate research students who are interested in pursuing research in these areas. If you are interested, do please contact our research degree office. For an informal discussion of your proposal please contact Capt. Sriram Rajagopal.

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Group members

Core members

Sriram Rajagopal

Abdullah Tahhan

Mahmoud Haghdousti

Kemedi Moara-Nkwe

Adesh Joshi

Jaikar Sohal

Zakirul Bhuiyan

External partners

We look forward to collaborating with industry associations, governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations. If you would like to collaborate with us, please email Capt. Sriram Rajagopal.



Books and chapters

Magazines and industry publications

Rajagopal, S. (2022). Steel coil loading: Common mistakes and how to avoid them. Seaways, November. pp. 8-10.

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