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Advanced materials

A great opportunity to see, touch and investigate high-tech materials, including carbon fibre and Kevlar, used in the most advanced racing cars and yachts. We'll use our composite materials lab to show how these materials are created. We'll then use our materials testing lab to apply basic principles of forces and material stresses to find out how strong the materials are.

Duration: 40 minutes
Maximum number of students: 12

Water and waves

We'll use our hydrodynamic testing facilities to demonstrate principles associated with water and waves. Using the towing tank, we'll look at refraction effects on a large scale, and then see the relationship between wave height, length and frequency with some practical demonstrations and motion data loggers. Students will then build a simple boat to see if it will survive waves of different sizes and frequencies.

Duration: 1 hour (Wednesday PM, Thursdays and Fridays only)
Maximum number of students: 20


Meet Baxter, our friendly humanoid robot. Learn a bit about robotics in a hands-on session where students can interact with Baxter. Students will get a chance to programme him to undertake some simple functions, and see the future of robot technology.

Duration: 40 minutes
Maximum number of students: 10

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