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How long is a taster session?

Most taster days usually last from half a day to a day, but can vary depending on what you would like to be included. We are able to advise on the length of your taster session, depending on your curriculum requirements and student numbers, and in every case we can organise the sessions to work around your commitments.

Taster days can also be supported by additional activities, such as a student experience talk, campus tour, admissions advice, funding support and student residence tours.

Taster day guidelines

We want you and your students to enjoy the taster day experience with us. To ensure this, there are a few guidelines we would like you to follow.

Once the taster session and date has been confirmed, we will ask you to provide us with particular data in relation to your students, eg, what subjects they're interested in, and age (see an example of the type of information we ask for). We will ask students and staff to complete a post evaluation form at the end of the session to help us improve future sessions in that subject area. (please note, this is due to safeguarding issues)

  • Depending on what taster session you are attending, our academics may require you to complete some paperwork, eg, a sports questionnaire. We may require your students to wear or bring certain items of clothing for the session (eg, sports kit for a sports taster session). If your students do not have appropriate clothing, it may limit what they can take part in.
  • We advise all college tutors who are responsible for coordinating these events to fully brief students prior to the taster session. This will enable them to be fully prepared for the day and allow them plenty of time to prepare any questions that they may have in relation to courses.
  • Please arrive on time, as lateness will impact on your taster day.
  • We will confirm all details for your session prior to the day. Please do inform us of any changes on your part as soon as possible.
  • Your students are expected to take part in all sessions on your agenda, unless stated otherwise by University staff organising the event. We encourage your students to get actively involved in all sessions to ensure they get the best out of the day and leave the University with all questions answered.
  • Instructions may be provided throughout the duration of your taster session, so please ensure your students listen carefully and encourage them to ask any questions they may have.
  • During the taster session at Solent, we ask all tutors stay in the session with their students, unless stated otherwise by University staff, to monitor their students' behaviour during the session.
  • In certain parts of the University there may be areas where students are not allowed to eat or drink due to health and safety reasons, and we ask that your students respect this. If unsure, please ask any University staff member who is organising the event.
  • We also ask visitors to adhere to our health and safety regulations. If the University feels that there is unreasonable behaviour from your students, the taster session may be stopped or cancelled.
  • While you are with us, please ensure your students switch all mobile devices off or leave on silent mode, unless they are expecting an emergency call. If this is the case please do let the relevant academic staff know.
  • We ask that all students and staff on campus are respectful, polite and considerate of others around them. Please do not use offensive language.
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