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The four-hour film challenge

A great opportunity to meet our television production students and work alongside them as you plan, shoot and edit a short film within four hours. The brief is simple: Someone receives a message (by phone, pigeon, post in a bottle). What is their response? This is an exercise to get you thinking about shot sizes, movement and continuity. Your objective is to shoot up to 15 shot set-ups that can be edited for maximum impact on screen. The story should have a point or twist to it (or it wouldn't be a story). Put the emphasis on action and reaction, ie, things happening. Once completed, we will meet up and watch all the finished films and hand out prizes to the best work.

Duration: 4 hours

"What a well organised and interesting outing it was for all; quite a number have said they are now keen to apply to your university."
Denise Meller, lecturer in media studies, Bracknell and Wokingham College

The one-hour story challenge

The ability to tell a good story is crucial in any television production setting. But where do we get ideas from? And how can we best structure those stories to make them fun and engaging? This exercise will quickly get you thinking about characters and narrative, and how to collaborate with others to make your story a success. By the end of the session, you will have a truly unique and original tale to tell - and one that could easily be developed into a feature length drama or comedy.

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