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Clearing 2024 is now open

3D or paintings

Shortlisted entries

In Her Gentle Caress

Artist: Agata Hendzel, Havant and South Downs College
Medium: Acrylic and paper on canvas

In the sea of life, we are like a ship with many moving parts. Sometimes we are the captain, but we can also be the cabin boy. Sometimes we are on the masthead. Sometimes we are in a lifeboat on the waves. We are, however, always in her gentle caress. 

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Agata Hendzel's competition submission of a painting of a gold ship on a dark blue sea

Memories of life

Artist: Cleopatra Stoica, Havering Sixth Form College
Medium: Acrylic paint and mixed media (string and shells)

I chose to use a muted pink as my main colour because I think this colour represents me very well as a person. Most of the decisions in made during the painting were spontaneous and free as it's shown by the free covers and swiggles. While starting this painting, I felt a sense of freedom as I was allowed to express what I was feeling and I did not feel constricted. The pattern of a chequered print also stands out because it’s very compact however spread out. This piece of art makes me feel at ease because it’s so free and it presents an emotion of liberty. I want the viewers to look at the painting portrait way as I designed it this way. The painting can be interpreted as the blooming of spring as trees turn green and flowers bloom. Overall I did not have an inspiration for this piece and I just did what I felt.

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Artist: Ella Davenport, City of Portsmouth College
Medium: Textiles and fine art

A sense of place was the project title. I was drawn to the roofscape as it gave a very different perspective on both sound and visual surroundings. I took inspiration from the aging lead pipes and surrounding infrastructure that I found on the roof, and generated a sculpture of scale.

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History Regenerated

Artist: Hannah Evans, City of Portsmouth College
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

The painting is set in a place in Wales called Klondyke Mill and as it is naturally duller in appearance I decided to paint it in vibrant colours to bring life back in to it. In the centre of the painting is my great grandmother who was in the same time period as when the mill was still in use, showing a contrast between the past and the present sate of Klondyke Mill.

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Shiny object syndrome

Artist: Katrina-Jayne Hickley, The Bishop of Winchester Academy
Medium: Second-hand stainless steel cutlery, UV resin

The metal magpie I have created is inspired by the myth of the birds being attracted to shiny things, and how it has characterised them completely despite it being false. I have attempted to convey this wrongful characterisation of the bird through irony, by portraying the magpie exclusively in the shiny material of second hand silver cutlery. I ultimately attempted to play into the myth whilst repurposing the cutlery, giving it new life as something beautiful like the misunderstood birds themselves.

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Brewdog (Soho)

Artist: Lerryn Bant, Chichester College
Medium: Painting

I decided on painting this as I wanted to show others how I view the world, marvelling at the mundane.

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Mouldy Orange

Artist: Mia Harding, City of Portsmouth College
Medium: Clay and acrylic paint

The creation of this model part of a college project where I was attempting to display mould in a more attractive way. I created the textures using everyday objects such as a plastic fork and a towel. The paint is purposefully more pastel and vibrant so the mould is more visually appealing.

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A Dramatic Expression

Artist: Natasha Gardiner, St George's School, Edinburgh
Medium: Painting

From looking at the aspects of Scott Hutchison's facial expressions at different viewpoints and Ken Currie’s dramatic lighting to create a response using my own images that I took and went through the process of editing the choosing a suitable composition and material leading to an acrylic painting.

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Artist: Ooma Picard, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
Medium: Corded merino wool, quilted PVC, rug punching, embroidery on dissolvable fabric, and dressing pins

This artwork was created in response to my relationship with my brother and is a sensory box inspired by him and his own experience with autism. I hope that the physical textures of the object help bring focus to the piece and that the interplay of hard and soft surfaces differentiate how feelings can affect neurodivergent emotions or stress levels.

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What's Happening?

Artist: Pearl Lawlor, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College
Medium: Painting

Inspired by the circle canvas, I decided to paint a self portrait fish eye photo of me and my room. I wanted to express who I am and my personality through one painting, thinking about my life and what is yet to be.

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Exbury Gardens

Artist: Sophie Ellis, The College of Richard Collyer
Medium: Painting

This piece was inspired from a photo of the Exbury gardens, home to some of the most beautiful and eclectic natural scenery I have ever seen. Since the colours and shapes of the foliage are so diverse, I was able to experiment lots with my painting techniques; using wide brushes for chunky textures, cloths and tissues to smear colours around, and acrylic pens for the finer details. I also tried to use as many colours as possible (with the exception of black) in order to bring the scene to life.

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Stormy Nights

Artist: Sophie Edney, Havant and South Downs College
Medium: Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas

Inspired by the coast where the waves crash against the seashore, intertwining ships within the storm. Whilst I visualise thick texture and an abundance of blue.

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