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Art that continues to promote its cause long into the future. The project has four rotating climate change signs where each autumn, four new host venues are invited to 'adopt a sign', agreeing to keep it on public display for the following year.

Solent Showcase Gallery was lucky enough to be part of the project and one of those host venues in 2018.

External shot of showcase gallery window

Here is an extract from our report (after the piece had moved on to its next host venue, Centre for Contemporary Art in Derry~Londonderry, through the Director Catherine Hemelryk.)

"Southampton is a city where the Early Warning Signs project is very well placed. Southampton has extremely bad air pollution. The constant ferries, cruise liners, and tankers in and out the docks contribute greatly to this. There are a series of well-established groups creating conversations and taking action on climate change, air quality and sustainable living. Groups such as Dangerous Ideas Southampton, Transition Southampton, The Art House, October Books, Green Action Southampton (a student group at the University of Southampton), Southampton Cycling Campaign, Southampton Repair Café, Southampton Freecycle Group and so many more are all continuing the conversation for climate change and sustainability. The sign was part of Clean Air Day in June in 2018. All in reaction to the problems with pollution in our city. In fact Kate Maple, the curator of Solent Showcase, is a big part of the climate movement in Southampton. With her husband, Paul Maple, they produce documentary films about climate change. They also run TEDx Southampton, which is usually themed around sustainability and climate change. Sparked by the collaboration with the gallery, Ellie Harrison did a talk at the last TEDx Southampton in May 2018 titled Art, Activism and the Absurdities of Economic Growth. Considering our situation with air pollution, I feel it was really important for Southampton to make a connection with an artist such as Ellie, and her work."

Quote about early warning signs: "Reduce, reuse, recycle your art"

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