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Evie Mundy

Graduated 2017

Photos of a town stitched together

What is photography?

For me, photography is a way of questioning our lives, society, the way we see things - taking everyday life and making it extraordinary.

What were your top three favourite projects during your time at Solent?

Burnt Away was a project from my first year. The face was burnt away to force the viewer to see the image in a different way and brings the materiality of photography into question.

Family Frames was made in my second year; it was about the family archive and how photography and memory relate to each other. The images are my dad's old film that I then sliced and reformed to make these constructs.

Vision was from my third year; it was about photography's relation to sight and the eye as a camera. The images were shot on film and created in the colour darkroom using different techniques and stages. The shape is meant to reference digital retinal photography.

This degree is for you if you want to be inspired and discover yourself.

What’s your favourite Solent memory?

The amazing Berlin trip, in particular going to the Bauhaus and just having a laugh with all the lovely tutors.

How has Solent helped you prepare for a career?

Solent has helped by filling my CV with great experiences that have given me confidence and improved my work-based skills. These include: volunteering for the Caravan Gallery's touring exhibition, The Pride of Place Project, and working as a studio/darkroom supervisor at the University for two years.

What are your top tips for someone wanting a career in photography?

Immerse yourself in it: read books, find articles, keep up to date with the art industry, and of course, never stop making work!