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Natalia Rodriguez

Graduated 2017

Solent graduate, Natalia Rodriguez

I decided to do my postgraduate study at Solent University because when I first moved to the UK from my native Spain and I was looking for career advice, Solent advisers were very helpful in guiding me through the range of postgraduate studies. My background is in criminology and initially I was looking for something in the same direction. However, I was advised to look for something else that could open up more opportunities. So, I found the people working at Solent very helpful even before I began my studies!

After studying in another country, I understand the different approaches and how Solent prepares students through real-life scenarios using practical cases. This approach to teaching helped me gain a better understanding of how to apply the theory learnt to work life - something I believe is very positive for students.

I chose to do postgraduate study because firstly, I love studying! I'm always willing to learn something new and in this case, business studies opened many doors, as it is the basis of our society. Secondly, these studies will give me the opportunity to find a better job in my country, and also by studying in the UK my English language skills have improved. Finally, studying a postgraduate course in the UK is an international experience where you can meet many people from different countries and cultures. It's a great experience!

The course lecturers were all very nice. I especially liked how they introduced themselves at the beginning of the course, making the approach between them and the students more personal. The course was very interactive, with a lot of practices and presentation - important tools to apply in the workplace. I found the lecturers very approachable in terms of building a personal relationship - and after finishing the course, they are still available for their previous students. They keep in contact with us which makes me feel in a familiar environment - another reason to love Solent University.

Since finishing my master's last September, I have been volunteering for Wheatsheaf Trust mentoring young people to develop skills, build confidence and create self-belief. In November I got a job as an airside screening executive at Security Watchdog where I did pre-employment screening checks for British Airways and Easyjet. However, as the company was far away from Southampton - where I'm based - I got a position as an operational support analyst at Utlita Energy Company. The role involves all the skills I gained during my master's studies as I provide support to all departments within the business. 

I would say to other students looking for a career in business management that they need to learn what they are good at and focus on that because this is the best of yourself.