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Scott Castles

BA (Hons) Animation
Graduated 2013

Lego superhero

Tell us about your current role

I set up my own creative studio, Castles Create, soon after graduating. It’s seen some tough times but I’m happy to say it’s now grown into something I’m very proud of. I take on many projects within the marketing and communications sectors, teaming up regularly with ad agencies and content creators to deliver high-end animation and design. Most days I’m storyboarding or creating motion graphics in programs like Cinema 4D and After Effects. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the likes of LEGO, Pokemon, EPIC, KING, and many more. Another aspect of my work involves trying to grow my community and contribute to the creative culture with projects like Arts & Cast, my podcast series which dives into other artists' creative process.

Solent gave me time. Time to fail, and time to grow, under a nurturing community of like-minded students and supportive faculty.

What do you enjoy most about your role, and what are the biggest challenges?

One of the biggest advantages of working for yourself is flexibility. I’ve never been one for the 9-5 daily routine. On some projects, I work very intensely but I’m often taking chunks of time off too; this prevents me from getting burnt out and I usually spend that time learning a new skill, experimenting with new software, or just working on a passion project of mine.

The biggest challenge I face being the director of my own company is not having anyone to guide me. I have to motivate and inspire myself each day to continue to learn, set goals for myself, and confidently choose the next appropriate step for my business.

How do you feel your studies at Solent helped prepare you for your career?

Solent gave me time. Time to fail, and time to grow, under a nurturing community of like-minded students and supportive faculty. Meanwhile, Southampton provided the backdrop for an often much-needed distraction with plenty to explore, creating a nice lifestyle balance.

What advice would you give to students wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Invest in a decent chair. Sedentary working is no joke, and if you neglect your body you won’t be able to do the thing you love for half as long as you would like to do it.

Also, trust in your own intuition. It’s important to listen to others' opinions around you, especially your tutors, but there is also a time to be confident in your own direction, the difficulty is knowing when. I believe If someone has something meaningful to contribute, and you’re being honest with yourself, then you’ll know to take it into consideration.