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Eliza Dodman

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography
Graduated 2022

Picture of Eliza Dodman

Tell us about your role, and what a typical day looks like for you

As an image co-ordinator, I work in the studio department and am responsible for ensuring all images are uploaded, named and correctly stored/backed up. I work alongside the creative department to ensure they have access to all new images, this guarantees they hit all their deadlines.

A typical day for me includes collecting all the images from the photographers and ensuring they are uploaded where they need to go. I also complete troubleshooting lists, which makes sure images are ready to go onto the website.

What do you enjoy most about your role, and what are the biggest challenges?

I enjoy the variety of work I get to do. This can be my role but also other opportunities such as styling projects and digi-tech work. I also enjoy working alongside a small team as we are able to bounce off of each other and offer advice and help when one of us may need it.

What’s been your career highlight so far?

My biggest highlight was actually getting this role. I am extremely lucky to start this job at Fat Face only a month after graduating and to be able to work in a fashion brand so soon after finishing university, is something I’m really proud of.

How do you feel your studies at Solent helped prepare you for your career?

My course helped me by teaching me professional skills in preparation for my career. I had a variety of different projects to ensure I had a wide range of skills across multiple different areas. This prepared me for my role as I have been able to adapt to different jobs and take extra opportunities due to my confidence and skills in varying positions.

Favourite memory from your time at Solent?

A favourite memory of mine would be when I started the Soton Models page. I had a lot of fun developing and growing the agency and I’m so happy to have been able to help so many other creative students. I also won a University award for this project!

What advice would you give to those wanting to follow in your footsteps?

The most important advice I would give to everyone is to use all the equipment around you as you will never be given such an amazing opportunity to learn and practise again. Book studio spaces and do test shoots. This gives you time to try out new ideas and styles you might have. To have all the equipment and studio spaces so accessible, would be still to not take advantage of them. I would also encourage everyone to use your lecturers as much as possible. They are there to help you and want to see you grow not only in skills but confidence. Finally, just make sure to find time to work on your own portfolio. It can be really stressful at times juggling different projects and you can often feel overwhelmed. Finding time to enjoy your craft will ensure you are creating your best work.