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Elysia Palmer

Graduated 2022

Portrait image of Elysia Palmer

Why did you decide to study this course at Solent?

I decided to study this course at Solent because I have always had a huge passion for photography and fashion. I felt that this course was a perfect combination of those two interests, and that the units that we were to undertake all sounded exciting, interesting and important for preparation for the industry.

What are your favourite parts of the course, and the biggest challenges?

My favourite parts of the course have been getting to practise with industry-standard equipment – with the help of some extremely knowledgeable technical instructors. My photography skills have vastly improved each year and this has given me the confidence to go into the industry post-graduation. A key challenge that the course has made me face has been the journey into discovering the type of photographer I truly am, and finding my own unique style. I definitely struggled with this throughout the first and second years, but towards the end of the second year I gained confidence and encouragement from the amazing lecturers, and I have definitely found my own vision in fashion photography.

This course is for you if you want to improve your photographic and media skills and would like to have experience of collaborating with various other fashion creatives, including styling, make-up and hair.

What's been the biggest highlight of your studies at Solent?

The biggest highlight of my studies has been the process of creating my final major project. Although it was during the Covid pandemic, I managed to create something I feel incredibly proud of. I was able to collaborate with some amazing fellow creatives, models, and a fashion brand. I feel that this was a visual representation of my journey throughout the course, and I could really show not only the skills I had gained, but also my passion for fashion photography and the meaning behind my project.