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Abbie Sheridan

BA (Hons) Television Production
Graduated 2013

BA (Hons) TV and Video Production graduate, Abbie Sheridan

What are the perks of working in the industry?

I’ve had some amazing experiences. Yes, I get to meet many, many famous actors and actresses. But I also travel to different countries such as Morocco, Nepal, Iceland - flying in helicopters, chartered flights - and get paid for it. Wrap parties are fun, where you receive gifts and one-of-a-kind film memorabilia. We get to see the finished film at cast and crew screenings. And I’ve witnessed Ben Affleck sing karaoke.

But I have to mention the not-so ‘perks of the job’, particularly the hours and schedule. We will often work long filming days (continuous, with no lunch break) starting at 6am and finishing no earlier than 7pm. Working weekends are a regular thing, as are weeks and weeks of night shoots.

Solent gave me a really good base knowledge to help me get started in this career, as my degree was studio based I had lots of opportunities to work on productions so I learnt lots of the terminology and information on equipment which has been so helpful throughout my career.

How did your degree prepare you for work?

My degree in television and video production helped me integrate into working life by teaching me how to be organised. I wouldn't be able to do my job if I couldn't organise crews, have the confidence to speak up to people, inform them of problems and then create solutions. At Solent, I was always able to speak to my tutors to get advice on how to make our TV shows better, and I feel this has given me confidence to speak to my superiors on how I can improve and become a better assistant director. The course was the perfect gateway to where I am now. Without it, I doubt I would have made it in the video world. I’d recommend it to those who enjoy the idea of expressing their creative ideas through video, either online or in the broadcast realm.

All the hard work of Solent’s television production degree is worth it, trust me. It’s not always ‘who you know’ in this industry - I have absolutely no ties in the film industry, either family or friends. I managed to get in on the back of a Facebook post and what I gained from Solent - so if I can do it, anyone can.