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BSc (Hons) Football Studies
Current student

Picture of football studies student, Futa

If you have a passion for football and want to pursue a career in the sports industry, then Solent University's Football Studies programme could be the perfect fit for you.

This programme offers a comprehensive approach to studying football across various fields, including performance analysis and coaching, talent identification, football development, sociology, and psychology. It's an ideal course for students who are still exploring their interests and figuring out their future career paths. After gaining experience in different fields within football, I was able to choose and focus on studying coaching and talent identification in more detail.

The amount of individual and group assessments were nicely balanced. Learning about different football topics has helped me improve not just my teamwork and leadership skills, but also my sports science, elite development and team management knowledge, which are crucial in today's multidisciplinary football environment.

Southampton is a great place to study football, with many grassroots teams and the Stoneham Lane Football Complex serving as a hub for football in the region. As a student without a car, I found it convenient to have all these facilities located nearby.

While it was great to have the opportunity to put theory into practice, what I enjoyed most was getting involved in the personal development of young players. During my time at Solent, I had the privilege of working with seven different teams from U8 to U18, and it was incredibly fulfilling to see the progress they made over time.

The course materials are extensive, and you'll have access to many different academic journals to deepen your understanding of the field. You'll learn how to create a session plan that's supported by scientific evidence and theories, which will prepare you well for a career in football coaching. The course is designed to give you options and flexibility, allowing you to choose a theme that's relevant to you and link theory with practice. For example, I found the coaching portfolio assessment to be an excellent opportunity to organize my knowledge and understanding of coaching, and it helped me build my knowledge base from there.

If you feel that grassroots coaching isn't enough for your development, you can apply for a work placement with a professional club. It's essential to note, however, that international students are prohibited from doing a placement as a coach between Year 1 and Year 2 which can be a bit frustrating. You can still expand your network since the lecturers provide valuable opportunities to connect with practitioners working within the industry.

Overall, if you're looking for a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to studying football, then Solent University's Football Studies programme is a great choice. You'll have access to a broad range of topics and opportunities to put theory into practice, helping you build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the football industry. Enjoying working on my dissertation about talent identification in academy football. I'm now considering applying for a master's course to continue exploring my interests and expanding my knowledge.