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Atsuhide Ito

Dr Atsuhide Ito

Course Leader

Faculty of Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering

023 8201 6737 ext. 6737 Room no. BB226


Atsuhide is a practicing artist and a writer. He completed his PhD in Fine Art at the University of Brighton and the University for the Creative Arts in 2007. He obtained an MA in Social Anthropology at SOAS, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London in 1994, following his first degrees in Studio Art (Painting) and Anthropology/Sociology at Richmond, The American International University in London in 1993.   

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  1. Awards

    Over the course of his career, Atsuhide has received significant recognition for his work in the creative industry. Follow the link below to find out more.

    Successful funding bids

    2015 Chalk Award, the project Antigone’s Chalk Dust was awarded funding from the organiser of 10 Days Winchester.

    2015 The collaborative project with Derek Hampson, Peter Suchin. Derek Hampson The Almshouse Tempera Projecthas received funding from the Arts Council.

    2014-5 The project Megan Montgomery has been awarded a seed funding from IF Project.

    Teaching award

    UAL Teaching Awards 2014, nominated by the students and awarded by the University of the Arts London Students’ Union.

  2. Industry experience

    Click below to find out more about Atsuhide's industry experience.

    Atsuhide opened a temporary museum The Moon Museum of Dustology in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013 as an outcome for an artist residency. The museum consisted of objects, a mock lecture, a performance, a diary, photographs, films and activities. More recently he collected dust from the British Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale as a part of his performance work and the residue of the performance was shown at IMT Gallery, London (2015).  His recent exhibitions include a single person exhibition at Galería Saro León, Spain (2010) and a group exhibition entitled Inscription: The Almshouse Tempera Project in Nottingham in which the medium of tempera painting were investigated (2015). He was selected as one of artist-in-residents for “Mark Rothko 2010”, Daugavpils, Latvia (2010). As a curator he curated Minus One featuring 30 international artists at disused Aldwych Underground Station, London (2004). More recently his work has begun to focus on the issue of the nuclear anthropocene, dust and the post-medium condition.  He deploys interviews, re-enactment and painting as his strategic mediums.

  3. Recent publications

    Find out more about Atsuhide’s recent publications. Publications can include articles in academic journals; book chapters or full books; creative projects; conference participation and multimedia works.

    2016 - 'Towards a Theory of Cavernous Porosity' in Doreen Bernath and Braden Engel (eds.) Architecture and Culture, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 2016, Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

    2016 - 'Southampton Solent University' in Jo Allen and Sara Rowles (eds.) Professional Practice: 20 Questions: Interview with UK Undergraduate Fine Art Staff Exploring How Students are Prepared for Life After Art School. Q-Art: London.

    2015 - 'Instituting Tempera in the State of Precarity' in Derek Hampson and Peter Suchin (eds.) Inscriptions: The Almshouse Tempera Project. MossBook Publications.

    2014 - 'The Uto-Pianist', Seisemopoilte: Journal of Art and Politics.

    2013 - 'The Promise of Painting: Spectres of the Baroque in Contemporary Painting', in Journal of Visual Arts Practice, Bristol: Intellect.

    2001 - Dear Thank You Yours Sincerely.  London: Pocko Editions. 

    2000 - 'British Art Scene 1990-2000' in Shizuoka no Bunka Vol. 61.  Shizuoka: Shizuoka Bunka Zaidan.

    1995 - 'Body Building Martians in Distance' in A-Value Meets DistanceA-Value VIII Shizuoka: A-Value.

    1994 - "Uncertainty, Image of the Body and the Notion of Embodiment" In Omnipresent WavesA-Value VI 1993/1994. Shizuoka: A-Value.


    2015 - The Almshouse Tempera Project: Inscription. Nottingham. 

    2011 - Salon, Matt Roberts Art. 

    2010 - Plein Air Mark Rothko 2010.

    2009 - FringeMK 09.  Milton Keynes: FringeMK. 

    2005 - Integrated Arts Project: The Branbury Centre – Health and Care for South Belfast. Belfast: South & East Belfast Health & Social Services Trust. 

    1995 - A-Value Meets DistanceA-Value VIII 1995. Shizuoka: A-Value.



    • Antigone’s Chalk Dust in 10 Days Winchester, with Lee Mackinnon and Simon Clark, Winchester, UK.
    • The Dust in Venice – To The Graceful Who Gave Me The Permission in IMTen at IMT Gallery, London.
    • Inscription: The Almshouse Tempera Project with Derek Hampson, Deborah Harty, Peter Suchin at Atrium Exhibition Space, Nottingham Trent University.
    • Super-Salon, Curated by Alan Magee, at DOLPH Projects, London.


    • A Postcard to Claire Fontaine, in Postcard From My Studio 2013, ACME Project Space, London.
    • Playback, Peacock Yard, London. 
    • Human Hotel, Copenhagen.
    • The Moon Museum of Dustology, in collaboration with Wooloo, Copenhagen.


    • Territories, Bromly By Bow Centre, London.
    • Territories, Galerie Windkracht, Holland. 
    • And After, with Lesley Hicks, Constantine Gallery, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough.
    • Meat, Concourse Gallery, Byam Shaw School of Art, CSM, University of the Arts London


    • Melt, Mile End Pavilion, Mile EndLondon.
    • Plein Air Mark Rothko 2010, Daugavpils Municipal Museum, Daugavpils, Latvia
    • Atsuhide Ito, Galería Saro León, Spain.
    • Artworks Open 2010, Barbican Arts Group, London, England.
    • Salon 09, Matt Roberts Gallery, London, England.


    • Pas de Deux, Richmond, The American International University in London, England.
    • Separate Landschaft, Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis, Düsseldorf, Germany.
    • Separate Landschaft, Deutsch-Japanischer Wirtschaftskreis, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.
    • Separate Landscape, James Hockey Gallery, Farnham, Surrey, England.


    • Minus One, disused Aldwych Underground Station, London, England.


    • Pocko, Magma, London, England.
    • Pocko, Rocket Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.


    • Into the Light, Royal Photographic Society, Bath, England.
    • Floating Islands, Cable Street Gallery, London, England.
    • The Gallery of the Future, Loughborough University, Leicester, England.


    • Ways of Seeing, Kulturforum, Willich, Germany.
    • Finalists, Logos Art Gallery, London, England.
    • (E)x-body, Beach Road Studio, Sydney, Australia


    • Collision, Vienna Café, Shizuoka, Japan
    • A Value – Distance, Shizuoka Prefecture Museum, Shizuoka, Japan.
    • Plastic Boundary, Nissenren Gallery, Shizuoka, Japan.
    • When a Shaman Dreams of a Cyborg, Alternative Arts, London, England.
    • Absolute Vodka, Royal College of Art, London.


    2015 - Is An Art School A Military Academy? with Louiza Hamidi at The London Graduate School Conference Critical Spaces: Disorienting Topological, Kingston University, London.

    1999 - Floating Islands, Cable Street Gallery, London, England. 

    1993 - Double Suicide, Richmond, The American International University in London. 

    1990 - A god meets a dog, Richmond, The American International University in London. 

    1987 - Bottomless, Prospera Language Institute, Japan.


    2013 - Human Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    2010 - International Plein Air “Mark Rothko2010”, Daugavpils, Latvia. 

    Public collections

    • The Arches Centre, South and East Belfast Trust, Belfast, UK.
    • University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, England.
    • Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia.
    • Wooloo Productions, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Conference papers


    • ‘Towards A Theory Of Cavernous Porosity’ at the 12th Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) Conference This Thing Called Theory, Leeds Beckett University.
    • ‘Attunement' in The Almshouse Tempera Project Symposium at University of Nottingham.
    • ‘Attunement’, in Art, Alterity and Attunement, Nottingham Trent University as a part of The Almshouse Tempera Project.
    • ‘Is An Art School A Military Academy?’, presented and performed with Louiza Hamidi at The London Graduate School Conference Critical Spaces: Disorienting Topological, Kingston University, London.


    • ‘The Promise of Painting: Spectres of the Baroque in Contemporary Painting’. Tate Modern.
    • ‘The Promise of Painting: Spectres of the Baroque in Contemporary Painting’, Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London.


    • ‘Justice and Violence: The Ghost of Kasane and the Demand of Justice’ at Justice in Comparative Perspective, LSE, London School of Economics, University of London.
    • ‘Reading Walter Benjamin’s Critique of Violence from an Artist’s Point of View’ at Seminar   on Taiwan in Comparative Perspective: Special Series on Justice in Comparative  Perspective, LSE, London  School of Economics, University of London.


    • ‘Separate Landscape: Painting as Ethnography? Landscape and Aesthetics on the Tokaido Route,  Japan’, Anthropology of East and Inner Asia Seminar, LSE, London School of Economics, University of London


    • ‘Beyond Ethnography’ at Beyond Text: Synaesthetic & Sensory Practices in Anthropology, University of Manchester.


    • ‘Ethnography of Space and Place on Tokaido’, Research Forum Japanese Humanities, Birkbeck and SOAS, University of London.
  4. Teaching experience

    Atsuhide has previously taught at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, Kingston University, Teesside University and University for Creative Arts. He is Fellow of Higher Education Academy and interested in the nuclear anthropocene, atomic museums, dustology, re-enactments, spectral image, and the notion of care in education. Currently Atsuhide is supervising two MPhil/PhD candidates.
  5. Work in progress

    Atsuhide currently has some work in progress including: Artangel Proposal, Megan Montgomery in Conversation with Lewis Oppenheimer, and The Almshouse Tempera Project.