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Graeme Smith


Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

023 8201 6495 ext. 6495 Room no. SMY020


Graeme is an experienced head of business improvement and business change with a proven track record in strategy and business consultancy in sales, strategic market development and customer service.

His experience includes delivering CRM strategy; the development and design of customer service centre capability; defining cost to serve in a service environment; identifying process failure; and designing customer experience performance monitors to improve customer experience.

Graeme is a senior lecturer in advertising and delivers strategy and planning units on undergraduate, postgraduate degree courses and professional industry qualifications.  He is responsible for the effective development and delivery of the subject, ensuring the advertising course enhances the student experience and supports the strategic priority of the School and student employability.

He specialises in strategy and business planning consultancy diagnosing strategy narrative, discourse and perfomance in strategy environments.  

His research focus is mainly in strategy perfomance diagnosed through critical discourse analysis on storytelling and narrative within the strategy community.  Story-telling and narrative carry ideas of meaning fundamental to human communication.  Graeme’s study of critical discourse analysis in strategy scenarios uses semiotic techniques to help define the nature of participant interpretation of strategy artefacts. This analysis provides insight into the world view of key strategy stakeholders and the position they take on strategy, leading to a more proactive and precise form of intervention to change the strategy narrative.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Follow the link below to find out more about Graeme's experience in industry.
    • 2014: Director of Cearnag Ruadh Consulting
    • 2012-2015: International College Portsmouth (ICP) at University of Portsmouth
    • 2004-2010: Strategy and Business Planning Consultant (sales and market development)
    • 1999-2004: CRM Strategy Manager / Business Improvement Consultant
    • 1992-2004: Marketing information and research analyst
    • 1986-1992: Corporate public relations
  2. Teaching experience

    Graeme has many years' experience teaching at higher education level. Follow the link below to find out more.

    2010-2016 Solent University
    University lecturer and teacher on undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, and professional Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) professional qualifications. Student dissertation supervisor. Additionally, supervising students in achieving direct and digital marketing certification from the Institute of Direct Marketing.

    2012-2015 International College Portsmouth (ICP) at University of Portsmouth
    International College Portsmouth (ICP) at University of Portsmouth, lecturing to level four international students on entry to undergraduate degree courses at University of Portsmouth. Foundation and pre-masters (marketing) pathway management for students entering University of Portsmouth.

  3. Research interests

    Graeme is conducting postgraduate research in Knowledge Management through Storytelling and Narrative. Follow the link for more details.
    1. Locate and define stages in the knowledge continuum; and the process that enriches and transforms symbols into information that facilitate the transfer of knowledge.
    2. Locate and define, through original fieldwork research, the essential idiosyncrasies of stories, through a semiotic approach. To understand how storytelling through actors and narrative as artefacts contribute to the transfer of knowledge in successful knowledge transfer projects.
    3. Evaluate and define the effectiveness of a semiotic model that can be applied to successfully transfer knowledge in knowledge management projects.
  4. Recent publications

    Follow the link below to find out more about Graeme's published work.
    • Semiotics as Strategy. Semiofest 2013, Barcelona, May 2013.
    • Young, T. and N. Milton (2011). "Knowledge Management for Sales and Marketing: A Practitioner's Guide ": 196 pages, Woodhead Publishing - Cambridge.
    • Social Networking and the Transfer of Knowledge. European Journal on Knowledge Management, Apr 2009.
    • Social Networking and the Transfer of Knowledge. 9th European Conference on Knowledge Management – Southampton, United Kingdom, Sep 2008.
  5. Awards

    Follow the link below for a list of Graeme's academic and professional awards
    • MA Marketing Management
    • DipM - Diploma in Marketing (CIM)
    • MCIM - Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
    • MIDM - Member of the Institute of Direct Marketing
    • AFHEA - Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy