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Iain Lightfoot

Dr Iain Lightfoot DCM, MSc, DHyp, MNCH

Associate Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies

023 8201 3082 Room no. SMY20


Iain is a former Royal Navy officer and training manager. Since joining Solent University, he has delivered numerous courses, from operations management to CIPD Level 7. Iain specialises in the area of people and change management and is currently engaged in delivering modules which form the BA(Hons) (Professional Development) course.

Iain’s master's research project focussed on improving the effectiveness of training delivery in blended learning solutions. As a Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring, Iain has a passion for people and performance. His thesis and specialist area is:

“Events that lead to insight within coaching sessions; identifying structures through experiences”

Solent’s mission is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education. To help achieve this, Iain is focussed upon improving the student experience and helping those who attend his seminars to fully develop their critical thinking skills and the real world application.

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Before joining Solent, Iain spent 25 years in the Royal Navy. Follow the link below to find out more about his roles.
    • Royal Navy
      • Training manager - 3 years
      • Weapon engineer officer - 8 years
      • Weapons artificer (weapon data) - 14 years
      • Project manager - 4 years
      • Through-life manager - 4 years
    • Hypnotherapist and coach - 7 years

  2. Teaching experience

    Follow the link below to find out more about Iain's teaching experience.

    Solent University

    • CIPD level 5 and 7
    • BA (Hons)
    • MSc

    Training manager

    • Train the trainer

    Weapon engineer

    • Management
    • System engineering


    • ILM level 5 and 7 coaching
    • Reflective learning
    • Coaching workshops for industry
  3. Research interests

    Iain's research interests lie in insight and awareness coaching and hypnotherapeutic interventions in therapy.
  4. Recent publications

    Follow the link below to see Iain's publications.

    Lightfoot, I. (2018). An exploration of the events leading to insight in coaching sessions. Paper presented to 15th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference. Oxford Brookes University, 17 January 2019.

    Lightfoot, I. (2016). The Case for Hypnotherapy as an Aide to Stroke Rehabilitation. The Hypnotherapy Journal, 16(5), pp.8-11.

  5. Work in progress

    Iain is currently writing and aiming to publish and article in the June 2019 issue of The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring (IJEBCM)