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Louise  Morrell

Louise Morrell


School of Media Arts and Technology

023 8201 3740 ext. 3740 Room no. JM228


Louise's career as an associate lecture began in October 2009. She studied art and design for three years followed by an HND in computer graphics, and graduated from Solent in 2008 with a degree in BSc (Hons) Software Engineering. Her first job was as an artworker for a small company in Wales where she learnt the traditional side of reprographics and print. Working her way up to a graphic designer, her career took her to London where she worked for an agency as a graphic designer, designing monthly magazines. She also worked as a photography stylist and eventually as an art director.

Deciding on a career change, as well as studying at Solent, she also took up learning how to implement websites. Her HTML and CSS skills and knowledge are self-taught and she now works as a freelance web designer and developer. Louise has also worked in the eDevelopment Centre at Solent University since 2007.

In her spare time, Louise is a keen photographer and has been involved in editing and filming music videos for local bands around Hampshire.

Louise's website - her own creation - shows off some of her talents:

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