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Michelle Merry

Michelle Merry PCert

Associate Lecturer

Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


Michelle joined Solent in January 2020 as an associate lecturer, following 30 years in the tourism and aviation industries.

She has been based overseas working in tour operations and in aviation in the UK. She has held various roles within both industries, ranging from airline and airport operational management, to project management, learning and development, and executive coaching.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Michelle has worked in the tourism and aviation industries for 30 years. Follow the link below to find out more about her roles.

    Overseas representative and tour operator office manager for the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands

    Airport ground agent - Southampton Airport

    Cabin crew, cabin crew trainer and performance manager - British Airways

    Airport duty manager - Southampton Airport

    Terminal operations manager - Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport

    Operations project manager - Heathrow Airport

    Leadership learning and development manager/executive coach - Heathrow Airport

    Head of customer operations - Terminal 5

  2. Research interests

    Michelle's research interests lie in values led leadership and the neuroscience of leadership, sustainability in destination management, and planning in tourism and airport design for the future.