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Monkiz Khasreen

Dr Monkiz Khasreen

Senior Lecturer

School of Art, Design and Fashion

023 8201 3059 ext. 3059 Room no. RM324


Dr Monkiz Khasreen is a sustainable design specialist, with experience of research and education in a university environment. His passion to sustainable design started during his architecture degree and combined with the knowledge he received at a master level he started his PhD at Heriot Watt University investigating the carbon emissions of office buildings in Scotland.

Dr Khasreen has passion to teaching at high level; he earned his Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practices (Higher Education) in 2010 from Heriot Watt University.

He was appointed senior lecturer of architectural technology at Solent University in 2012 and has contributed to making sustainable design practice a core within the built environment courses. Most of his work has been concerned with life-cycle assessment of buildings and materials, and the sustainability theme brought him into the research community concerned with energy in buildings.

He currently tutors students with interests in climate change, sustainability, CO2 reduction, life-cycle assessment, low/zero carbon technologies and human behaviour in buildings.

Research interests

Sustainability, energy use and CO2 emissions from buildings, life cycle assessment and life cycle costing of modern buildings, human behaviour in buildings.

Recent publications

Khasreen, M. M., and Banfill, P. F. G., 2010. 'Carbon dioxide emissions of a typical office building in Scotland'. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Detail Design in Architecture Conference. (pp. 43-54).

Khasreen, M. M., Banfill, P.F.G. and Menzies, G.F. 'Life-Cycle Assessment and the Environmental Impact of Buildings: A Review'. Sustainability. 2009; 1(3):674-701.

Taught courses