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Nick  Potts

Dr Nick Potts


School of Business, Law and Communications

023 8201 3876 ext. 3876 Room no. RM125


Nick Potts is a reader in the School of Business, Law and Communication. He successfully completed his PhD on the question of integrating the productive economy and the monetary system together using a sequential and non-dualistic concept of value in 2005 (University of London, supervisor Lord Desai). Nick is considered to be an international expert on Marx’s value theory and his work is published and known globally. He is interested in how to apply Marx’s analysis of the inner workings of capitalism to the economic issues of today (including globalisation, the environment, the Euro, knowledge-based production and understanding the current credit crunch/recession/crisis). Nick was given the title of professor of economics in April 2013. He was also one of the expert economists to take part in the live worldwide webcast of the Embrace the Change event hosted at Southampton Solent University in March 2014.

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