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Nicola Chamberlain

Nicola Chamberlain

Course Leader

School of Art, Design and Fashion

023 8201 4437 ext. 4437 Room no. BB226


Nicola Chamberlain is a senior lecturer in fine art and teaches on all of the practice based units. She studied fine art at Goldsmith’s College of Art before completing a masters degree in fine art media at the Slade School of Art, UCL. She is currently studying for a PHD at The Royal College of Art.

She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and was most recently represented by Arte Contemporanea and the 404 Gallery in Italy.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Work in progress

    Nicola is currently working on ‘Artists Network and Training South’ Research and Innovation Project and ‘The Parasitic Art School’ Research Project
  2. Exhibitions

    Nicola has exhibited her work on a number of occasions. Click below to find out more about her work.
    • Group Exhibition ‘Daybreak’ at Safehouse Gallery, Asylum and AMP
    • Group Exhibition, ‘Civilised’ at Hoxton Arches Gallery
    • Solo Exhibition ‘Farmaggedon’ at L.H.F Arts
    • Group Exhibition ‘Playback’, Peacock Yard
    • Solo Exhibition at the Millais Gallery, Project Space
    • Solo exhibition at the Standpoint Gallery
    • Basel Art Fair (representing the 404 gallery)
    • Chicago Art Fair (representing the 404 gallery)
    • Group exhibitions at The 404 Gallery, Naples
    • Solo exhibitions at The 404 Gallery, Naples
    • Group exhibitions at Arte Contemporanea, Naples
    • Solo exhibitions at Arte Contemporanea, Naples
  3. Research interests

    Nicola's research interests lie in the association between contemporary drawing and Queer theoretical thinking. Click below to find out more.

    Nicola's specific interest lies in drawing with the digital line. In most drawing software, the line is auto corrected in order to be fluid and continuous - this might be viewed as a kind of straightening device. Nicola investigates whether there might be a potential for queerness when drawing with the discontinuity of a pixelated line - might it open up some kind of fissure, gap or space of opposition through which something other might be more fully recognized or represented?

    Nicola's research activities also include:

    • OVADA consultation/visit
    • Eastside Projects consultation/visit
    • Journal of the Contemporary Painter seminar
    • Absurdity
    • The Seventh Wonder of The ZAD
    • Contemporary Arts Society: Aron Cezar, Annie Ratti and Ilaria Puri Purini
    • Pass The Parcel
    • Playing The Field
    • Academic Publishing
    • Disrupt
    • The Blue Hour
    • The Theatre of Reading and Speaking
    • To Break a World, To Make a World
    • Under The See
    • Hybrid Documentary
    • Draw Show
    • Radical Matter
    • Queering The Straight Line
    • Symposium Sedition
    • Book Launch at Hauser and Wirth Gallery.
  4. Teaching experience

    Prior to joining Solent University, Nicola was Research Fellow/Artist in Residence at Gloucestershire University and a lecturer at the Arts University of Bournemouth.
  5. Recent publications

    Article published in the book ‘Invisible Identities and the Creative Act’, 2019, Q-Art Professional Practice: 20 Questions, Bookwork launched at Hauser and Wirth Gallery, 2016.
  6. Awards

    Nicola has twice been nominated in the Outstanding Teacher category (2014 and 2016) at Solent's STAR Awards, winning the award in 2014.