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Paul  Statham

Paul Statham

Associate Lecturer

School of Media Arts and Technology

023 8201 6638 ext. 6638


Paul Statham formed his first band B-Movie while still at school. They released three critically acclaimed singles, 'Remembrance Day', 'Nowhere Girl' and 'Marilyn Dreams', an album, and toured the US and Europe. 

After he began working with Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy and co-wrote eight studio albums including the breakthrough U.S top 40 album 'Deep'. 

He then formed electro pop group Peach along with singer Lisa Lamb and producer Pascal Gabriel. The single 'On My Own' featured in the hit comedy film Sliding Doors and went on to become a U.S top 20 single, selling over a million copies. An album Audiopeach was released but the band decided not to continue.

In 1999 he co-wrote 'Here With Me' and 'I'm No Angel' with singer Dido. 'Here With Me' went on to become a worldwide hit and the album No Angel eventually sold 20 million copies.

The next few years have been spent collaborating with a number of artists, writing and producing, exhibiting art installations and teaching. 

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