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Atsuhide Ito

Dr Atsuhide Ito PhD, MA, BA (Hons), BA (Hons), FHEA

Senior Research Fellow

Faculty of Creative Industries, Architecture and Engineering


Through his practice of art, Atsuhide investigates how environmental data can be translated into affective experiences.

He studied Social Anthropology and Fine Art in his undergraduate degrees, and subsequently completed an MA in Social Anthropology, and obtained a PhD in Fine Art. His PhD thesis and project concerned non-places, aesthetics and landscape on the Tokaido Route (the major travel route along the Pacific Coast of Japan).

While his interests remain in transitory subjectivity, environmental aesthetics and ecological philosophy, Atsuhide has focused more on the nuclear Anthropocene and the politics of air (aeropolitics) in recent years.

Along with his practice of art, especially in painting, video and machines, Atsuhide has been developing a theory fiction as a way of situating personal experiences against the backdrop of the larger ecological crisis.

Taught courses

Further information

Recent exhibitions

Autumnism, Kösk, Munich, Germany with Angela Fechter and Raphael Brunner

Sound of Waves, Pocko, Park Hotel, Tokyo Japan. 2021

Fire in the Swimming Pool, Pocko Gallery, London, England.

Illusion of Tenderness: From the Painting Collection of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre.

Daugavpils, Latvia

Cache, curated by Richard Burton, Angus Hughes Gallery, London.

Literatu Street, Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania.

The Museum of Dustology, the Spark, Solent University, Southampton, England.

Civilized?, with Kate Aries, Olivia Abdul, Issey Rinaldi, Amy Wright, Emma Tod, Nicola Chamberlain, Chloe Wiltshire, Curated by Amy Wright, Hoxton Arches, London

Float, Solent University, Southampton.

Antigone’s Chalk Dust in 10 Days Winchester, with Lee Mackinnon and Simon Clark, Winchester, UK.

The Dust in Venice – To The Graceful Who Gave Me The Permission in IMTen at IMT Gallery, London

Inscription: The Almshouse Tempera Project with Derek Hampson, Deborah Harty, Peter Suchin at Atrium Exhibition Space, Nottingham Trent University

Super-Salon, Curated by Alan Magee, at DOLPH Projects, London

Teaching experience

MPhil/PhD, Visual Arts at Solent University
Currently supervising 4 PhD candidates, Director of Studies for two of them.

PhD Arts and Media at University for the Creative Arts
Advanced Research Method on the concepts of ekphrasis and repetition

MA Critical Creative Practice, MA Researching Visual Culture at Solent University
Practice, Final Major Project and Dissertation

MA Fine Art at Teesside University
Tutorials and Supervision in Painting and Printmaking Subject Media Group

BA Fine Art at Solent University
Module Leader in:
Level 6 Dissertation, Thinking Through Writing, Exhibition,
Level 5 Context, Discursive Spaces,
Level 4 Spatial Experiments, Exploring Mediums

BA Fine Art at Teesside University
Tutor in Painting and Printmaking Subject Media Group

BA Performance, Media and Cultural Studies at Kingston University
Culture and Society
Identity and Consumption
Media Audiences
Reading the Media
Theorising Media and Culture

Foundation Studies at Central St Martins, University of the Arts London
Tutor for Fine Art Practice pathway, group and individual tutorials, explorations of methods such as re-enactment, repetition and participation.

Foundation Studies at Byam Shaw School of Art and Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London
Group and individual tutorials, workshops on drawing, workshop on painting, workshop on writing proposals as a part of learning support programme. Essay corrections and feedback, assessments.

Teaching award

UAL Teaching Awards 2014 for outstanding teaching, nominated by the students and awarded by the University of the Arts London Students' Union.

Recent publications

“Hauntology of the Machinic” in Steven John Thompson (ed.) Machine Law, Ethics and Morality in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

“Assemblage Drawing” in Paul-Francis Tremlett’s Towards a new Theory of Religion and Social Change, London: Bloomsbury.

“A Concrete Palace and a Haunted Abbey: Fear and Suffering in Atomic Museums” in The Journal of Inclusive Museums, Common Ground Publisher.

“The Spectral Image: The Brief History of Visualising Radiation”, The Journal of Image, Common Ground Publisher.

“Towards a Theory of Cavernous Porosity” in Architecture and Culture. London: Routledge, and Taylor & Francis.

“Instituting Tempera in the State of Precarity” in Derek Hampson and Peter Suchin (eds.) Inscriptions. Nottingham: Mossbooks.

“Southampton Solent University” (an interview) in Professional Practice: 20 Questions.

Q-Art, Sarah Rowles and Jo Allen (eds.).

Hypergraphia: David Sylvian. Chris Bigg (ed.).

“The Uto-Pianist”, Seisemopolite: Journal of Art and Politics.

“The Promise of Painting: Spectres of the Baroque in Contemporary Painting”,

in Journal of Visual Arts Practice, Bristol: Intellect, and Taylor & Francis

Dear Thank You Yours Sincerely. London: Pocko Editions.


Chalk Award, the project Antigone’s Chalk Dust was awarded funding from the organiser of 10 Days Winchester.

The collaborative project with Derek Hampson, Peter Suchin, Derek Hampson The Almshouse Tempera Project has received funding from the Arts Council.

The project Megan Montgomery has been awarded a seed funding from IF Project.

Research interests

Aeropolitics (Politics of Air), and the use of environmental data in Art. Ecosophy, Painting, Video, Automation and Machine

Work in progress

Ecosophical Data Imagining: art project that revolves around automation, machine and politics of air.

Atoms Runs: a theory fiction about nuclear culture and ecosophy.

Translating Fiction: a series of paintings inspired by non-fiction writing.

“Semantics of Cleanliness”, a journal article about clean energy.

"Plutopians Contra Slow Violence", a journal article about plutopoi.