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Captain Mohammed Islam


Warsash Maritime School


Mohammed is an accomplished Master Mariner with 30 years' practical ship operation experience and 10 years’ experience in maritime education, port operation and marine surveying. He has an in-depth knowledge of maritime safety policies, training best practices and the control of compliance.

After completing two years' pre-sea training at the Bangladesh Marine Academy, Mohammed began his sea career as a cadet. Working through the ranks, he became a Master. As a Master for 12 years, he was responsible for the overall ship operations and administration for large ocean going container ships. While building solid relations with varied global stakeholders, Mohammed implemented changes within operations to enhance safety, communications and standards. He also ensured safe navigation and efficient cargo operations.

After his seagoing service, Mohammed joined a nautical college as a lecturer in maritime studies. Here he developed a firm understanding of the maritime education system. He has successfully delivered a variety of training and development programmes in line with agreed nautical science curriculums.

Mohammed has also been duty harbour master at the port of Tilbury, London, where he followed the guidance from the Port Marine Safety Code (MCA requirement), for safe movement of ships and dangerous goods within port areas.

Mohammed has a sound knowledge of maritime legislation, guidance and codes of practice and believes properly trained seafarers are the assets of the modern shipping industry. His teaching career has helped him understand how maritime industry regulations are developed from UK and EU legislations and from agreements, resolutions and conventions made by IMO and ILO. While championing best practice and promoting learning, he has developed his maritime skills and utilised experiences both from an academic and commercial field.

As a lecturer in maritime simulation at Solent, Mohammed is primarily responsible for teaching bridge resource management, ECDIS, NAEST and ship handling courses.

Further information

Industry experience

Mohammed has many years' experience in the maritime industry. He has been an independent marine surveyor and marine consultant since 1991. He has also been duty harbour master at the Port of Tilbury and STS mooring superintendent for Viking Marine Singapore Ltd.

Teaching experience

Before joining Solent in 2018 as a lecturer in maritime simulation, Mohammed was a lecturer in maritime studies at Liverpool John Moores University, and before that, Lowestoft College.

Research interests

Mohammed's research interests lie in the use of marine simulators for determining human behaviour in a closed environment with varied situations, such as time spent on bridge watch in day and night with harsh weather conditions. He is also interested in autonomous ship operation.


Mohammed received the award of Best Nautical Cadet of the Year in 1980 with the Ministry of Shipping Silver Medal.