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Maja Hill, Lecturer

Maja Hill


Faculty of Business, Law and Digital Technologies


Maja's background and practise is in fine art and she holds a BA in Fine Art. Her MA is in Interactive Production; this included web design and production of interactive digital media.

After her MA, Maja was a partner in web design company, with clients ranging from Bacardi-Martini, Roland, the SMF political think tank, to a variety of small businesses.

She also holds a postgraduate degree in Character Animation. Currently, Maja is undertaking a practice-based PhD in Fine Art.

As a visual artist, Maja has exhibited in the country and abroad. For more information on her art, visit her website.

Further information

Industry experience

Maja was a partner in a web design company from 2003-2007. She has been a practising artist since graduating in 2000.

Teaching experience

Maja is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

She has been teaching as a lecturer at Solent University since 2007 on a range of courses and levels from foundation to master's.

Research interests

Maja's research interest focuses on current debates in identity, colonialism, and approaches to history. She is looking at personal and collective traces of the break-up of Yugoslavia and the consequent reconfiguring of personal and communal identities.

This is leading to constructing a series of artworks that trace the residue of the past transformative events on identities; searching for the traces that reveal the breaking and consequent reconfiguring of these identities, which might help us gain a different perspective on the past and the present.

Work in progress

Tracing reconfigured identities in contested territories through practice-based research: the case of (former) Yugoslavia.