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Dr Atsuhide Ito
PhD, MA, BA (Hons), FHEA

Senior Research Fellow

Department of Art and Music

Atsuhide Ito


Atsuhide's research concerns the nuclear Anthropocene, and aeropolitics (politics of air and poetics of breathing). Despite their invisibility, ironizing radiation and air pollution affect the health. Contrary to the tendency of art to focus on the visible, he is interested in responding to the imperceptible form of violence, including ecological anxiety. In this regard, art is a form of immunity. In his art practice he moves across a variety of media: installation, microcomputing, painting, photography, running, video and writing. During the last two years, Atsuhide has been developing a theory-informed science fiction as a way of situating personal experiences against the backdrop of the larger ecological crisis.

Atsuhide's most recent exhibitions are Fully Awake at the Holden Gallery, Manchester, England, 2021; and Autumnism, at Kösk, Munich, Germany, 2021. His most recent publications are “Translating Slow Violence: The Use of Environmental Data in Art as Un- Forecasting” in Acoustic and Visual Ecology of Damaged Planet, Special Issue of AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, 2021; "Semantics of Cleanliness" in Elena V. Shabiy, Martha J. Crawford and Dmitry Kurochikin (eds.) Energy Justice​, Palgrave Macmillan 2022; and “Hauntology of the Machinic” in Steven John Thompson (ed.) Machine Law, Ethics and Morality in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, 2021.

Research interests

The Nuclear Anthropocene, aeropolitics (politics of air and poetics of breathing), aeroimmunity, bipolar ecology, environmental data, mushrooms and mycelium. Currently Atsuhide is interested in how art’s potential to provide theoretical frameworks and practical strategies when responding to the ecological crisis. In particular, he is contemplating on the history of immunity against the backdrop of increased datafication of the environment.




Art, environment, nuclear, air, machine, painting, photography

Further information

Antigone’s Chalk Dust. Chalk Award (2015). 10 Days Winchester.

The Almshouse Tempera Project (2015). Collaborative project with Derek Hampson, Peter Suchin and Derek Hampson. Arts Council.

Megan Montgomery (2014-5). IF Project.

Taught courses

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Nurture your talent for painting, sculpture or applied art, guided by a passionate team of artists, curators and theorists, in a supportive, creative community.