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Dr Craig Allison
PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)


Department of Social Sciences and Nursing

Portrait of Craig Allison


Craig was awarded his PhD in Web Science (Psychology) from the University of Southampton in 2016. He received his MSc in Web Science from the University of Southampton in 2011, and his BSc in Psychology in 2009, also from the University of Southampton.

Craig has a research background within spatial psychology, exploring how individuals maintain a sense of orientation, knowing where they are and in what direction they are facing, in both real and virtual worlds. Following completion of his PhD, he transitioned to human factors research, and undertook four years of post-doctoral research.

During his time as a research fellow, Craig worked on numerous topics, primarily related to aviation and automotive industries. For his work within aviation, he explored how to promote safety within aviation, the impact of changing cockpit displays and the potential for single pilot commercial operations. Craig has also undertaken significant research in the automotive sector exploring ways in which to reduce emissions from everyday driving. With expertise with both qualitative and quantitative analysis, he has extensive experience running research trials with human participants and working in multidisciplinary teams.

Craig joined Solent University in November 2019 as a lecturer in psychology.

Further information

Prior to joining Solent University, Craig was a teaching assistant in psychology during his PhD at the University of Southampton, assisting undergraduate students in understanding fundamental psychological concepts. He also gained significant experience marking assignments and coursework during this time.

Following completion of his PhD, Craig taught human factors for four years, also at the University of Southampton. He has additionally taught topics including air traffic management, avionics and stakeholder engagement.


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