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Professor Nick Potts
BSc, MSc, PhD

Professor of Economics

Department of Business and Law

Professor Nick Potts


Nick is a professor of economics at Solent University. He received his PhD degree from the University of London under the supervision of Lord Meghnad Desai. He serves on the editorial boards of Capital and Class and Lexington Books’ series Heterodox Studies in the Critique of Political Economy. His research applies Marx’s value theory and analysis of capitalism to the economic issues of today, including globalisation, the environment, the Euro, knowledge-based production and the latest global economic crisis.

Professor Potts’s recent publications include “The Missing C that Threatens to Flood Us All” International Journal of Social Economics; “Valuation in the Presence of Stocks of Commodities” Critique of Political Economy; “Marx and the Crisis” Capital and Class;“Keynesian Economics: In Search of Unnatural Stability” Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory; “An Unacceptable Misrepresentation: Dismissing Marx’s Value Theory By Deliberately Distorting The Temporal Single System Interpretation of Marx” World Review Of Political Economy; “‘Surplus Profits’ and Progressive Land Ownership”Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory; “Two Temporal Single System Interpretation of Marx Calculations of the MELT” Marxism 21, and with Andrew Kliman “Is Marx’s Theory of Profit Right: The Simultaneist-Temporalist Debate” Lexington Books, Lanham (USA).

Nick is a member of the Conference of Socialist Economists, International Working Group on Value Theory, and the Association of Heterodox Economists.

In 2015, Nick was the conference organiser for the Association of Heterodox Economics' annual conference, which was held at Solent and attended by over 90 economists. As one of the special themes of the conference, recently formed student organisations advocating more pluralism in economics education took part (such as the post-crash economics society and rethinking economics). The participants in the Radio 4 series considering the crisis in economics all came (including Steve Keen, Victoria Chick and Devrim Yilmaz).

Further information

Nick has extensive teaching experience in areas including economics, globalisation, political economy, European integration, Eastern Europe, Marx's economics, and monetary economics.

Nick currently teaches:

  • Research Communications – Postgraduate Certificate in Research (to PhD students).
  • The UK Monetary and Financial System (Accountancy and Finance Level 5 students).
  • Global Business Environment (Business Management level 5 students).
  • The Economics of Sport (Business and Sport level 5 students).

Taught courses

BSc (Hons) Accountancy and Finance

Enter the fast-paced world of international finance with this professionally accredited degree, working with global companies to gain the skills and real-world work experience you’ll need for success.