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Dr Nuno André Nunes

Senior Lecturer

Department of Sport and Health

Headshot of Nuno Nunes


Nuno is a sports lecturer, football coach and sports science investigator, with 15 years’ experience in different countries and organisations.

Nuno holds a BSc in Sports Science, MEd in Physical Education and PhD in Sports Science – Football Coaching Specialisation. Alongside this, he is a UEFA B Football Coach from The Football Association and a UEFA A + Elite Youth A candidate at The Scottish Football Association.

Football training was always his greatest passion. From a young age, Nuno began to study different training methods of the best coaches in the world, trying to learn the strongest views of their philosophies while at the same time building up and keeping his principles and game ideas. Since the beginning of his university education, Nuno started working as a football coach to improve and put into practice all of his beliefs. When he was 16 years old, driven by the international success of the Portuguese managers at that time, he decided to start studying football, alongside playing. Since then, he has read hundreds of books and articles and put into practice several ideas he was developing. He has published scientific papers in international journals, contributed to peer reviews and participated in sports science conferences worldwide.

Recently, Nuno published his first book, derived from the work completed during his PhD dissertation - the passion he has for coaching development and the need to keep refining this process through an ecological approach to football.

Further information

Nuno is a football coach and PE teacher with worldwide experience in sports sciences and physical education. He is a highly driven and proactive professional with a sociable, but strong personality, and a team player with great sense of organisation and self-management. Nuno is committed to work and always ready to go the extra mile. He's prepared to work under pressure to make decisions, solve problems and is always willing to learn.

In the past years, Nuno has been interested in football investigation. He has been studying and analysing ball possession SSGs in unbalance number, in different playing areas, and age categories. He had the opportunity to work alongside great investigators as Dr Adam Lee Owen, Dr Keith Davids, Dr Fabio Nakamura, and Dr Bruno Travassos, which widely developed his investigation skills, culminating with a book published: Small-Sided Games in Football.

Taught courses

BSc (Hons) Football Studies

The course is designed and tailored for those individuals passionate about football, enthusiastic to learn from the game in order to reach their aspirations to work within it....