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Dr Rory Magrath

Associate Professor of Sociology

Department of Sport and Health

Headshot of Rory Magrath


Rory is an associate professor of sociology in the Department of Social Sciences and Nursing.

He graduated from Solent University in 2010 with a degree in BA (Hons) Football Studies. Following this, he completed an MSc in Sociology of Sport at Loughborough University. He returned to Solent on a part-time basis in 2011, before being appointed as a lecturer in 2014, senior lecturer in 2016 and associate professor in 2020.

Research interests

Broadly speaking, Rory’s research focuses on gender and sexuality, primarily – but not exclusively – in the context of sport. He has explored this relationship in numerous research projects including most recently, a funded project on the experiences of LGBTQ+ sports fans, as well as the construction of masculinities among young, ostensibly heterosexual male athletes.

Alongside this, he has conducted research on sports media, inclusion of LGBTQ+ athletes, sports policy, men’s friendships, masculinities, sports activism, non-exclusive sexualities, and head trauma in sport. He is regularly asked to comment on his research in national and international media.

Rory is also Associate Editor of the Sport in Society journal, and sits on the editorial boards of the Sociology and Managing Sport and Leisure journals. He also co-edits the Palgrave Studies in Masculinity, Sport and Exercise book series with Jamie Cleland and Eric Anderson. He reviews for numerous journals on a regular basis.

He welcomes contact from potential PhD or MPhil students interested in LGBTQ+ experiences in sport, men’s friendships, sports activism, or head trauma (in sport).




Sport, football, sexuality, gender, masculinities, LGBTQ, friendships, media, activism

Further information


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Edited books

Magrath, R. (2022, ed). Athlete Activism: Contemporary Perspectives. London: Routledge [open access].

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Journal articles

Martinez, M.M., Magrath, R. and Bullingham, R. (2023). ‘I didn’t know girls could coach football that well’: The experiences of female football coaches in the South East of England. Sport in Society (Online First).

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Book chapters

Humphries, C. and Magrath, R. (2024). Homophobia, hate crime and men’s professional football. In I. Zempi and I. Awan (eds.) Racism and hate crime in football (110-133). Bristol: Policy Press.

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Taught courses

BA (Hons) Criminology and Sociology

This degree helps you develop critical perspectives on social behaviours, exploring justice, crime and inequality, to prepare you for a successful career and make a meaningful contribution to society.

BSc (Hons) Football Studies

The course is designed and tailored for those individuals passionate about football, enthusiastic to learn from the game in order to reach their aspirations to work within it....

BSc (Hons) Psychology with Sociology

Explore the fascinating behaviours of individuals, as well as the cultural and political issues that shape collective experiences, on this BPS accredited degree.

BA (Hons) Sociology

An exciting subject, sociology challenges the world in which we live, including politics, media and social inequality. Get practical experience to work in public and private sectors.

BSc (Hons) Sport Management

Develop your passion for sport, and progress to a successful career leading and managing sporting events and organisations on this CIMPSA accredited course.