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We realise that people's circumstances in life can change and that cancellations do occur. It's not a problem, but do let the accommodation office know in writing as early as possible.

To get in touch, please email, or give us a call at 023 8201 5040.

Cancellation charges

If you cancel your application prior to receiving or accepting a room offer, no cancellation charges are due.

If you cancel within eight days of accepting a room offer the pre-payment of £250 will be refunded in full.

If you cancel after eight days of accepting a room offer but before the contract start date and we cannot re-allocate the room, we will retain £150 of your pre-payment and will refund you £100.

If you cancel after the contract start date, then we will retain the pre-payment of £250.

Any fees that you have paid for parking will be fully refunded if you cancel your place in university accommodation before you are due to move in.

Before you apply for the student residences, please be sure that this is where you want to live. Cancelling can incur a cost, and once you've moved in the full terms of the residence agreement apply.

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