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Your son/daughter's own circumstances, personality and choice of course or university will all impact upon their accommodation preference. At Southampton Solent University we're keen to ensure that all our student residences provide a home from home, with an unbeatable atmosphere and real sense of community.

Where will my son/daughter live?

The majority of our new students choose to live in one of the University's student residences in their first year and most of our residences are set aside for new undergraduates.

Built in the 1990s, our six Student Residences are not only contemporary, clean and comfortable, they're also great places to work, relax, socialise and meet new friends. All University-owned residences benefit from supportive, but not intrusive, management and on-site security.

How can we see the accommodation?

During a University open day, your son/daughter (and you, space allowing) can take a tour of our student residences.

What is the distance between the student residences and campus?

All our residences are located within walking distance of the campus and the city centre. There is no real need to bring a car, although there is limited parking available at each property.

How are student residences paid for?

To make life easier, accommodation fees can be spread across the whole year and paid in either three equal installments – normally October, January and May – or seven equal monthly installments. Payment is made by direct debit.

What is included in the cost of accommodation?

As well as covering the rental cost of the accommodation, the fees also pay for:

  • utility bills,
  • high-speed internet connections,
  • cleaning of communal areas,
  • accommodation during Christmas and Easter,
  • repairs and maintenance.

How does my son/daughter apply for accommodation?

Once your son/daughter receives an unconditional offer to study here, they will be sent an application pack which includes a booking form. This information is normally sent out during June.

Is accommodation guaranteed for the first year?

Although we cannot guarantee accommodation to first-year students, it is very likely that we will be able to offer a room. Places are allocated by the University's accommodation office on receipt of applications on a first-come, first-served basis, although students with an established need (that is, those with a disability) are given priority on certain types of adapted rooms.

Are there restrictions for accommodation if we live locally?

All undergraduate applicants are eligible to apply for accommodation irrespective of where they live – unlike some universities, our rooms are not allocated according to distance between the University campus and the family home.

What is the cost/availability of private accommodation?

For more independence, some students opt for private rented accommodation, either as a lodger or sharing a house or flat with some friends.

To safeguard our students' interests, we have a landlord accreditation scheme for Southampton and the surrounding area. The accommodation office (call 023 8201 5040 or email can provide a price guide and list of properties which meet our safety criteria.

It's a good idea to encourage your son/daughter to start looking as early as possible before the course starts and ensure they visit private accommodation to check that it is both suitable and affordable.

Does my son/daughter need to bring anything with him/her?

Students living in the University's residences are required to provide their own bedding, including sheets, pillows, pillowcases, duvet, duvet cover and blankets. The residences are self-catering and students will need to bring crockery, including cups, plates, dishes, and so on (suitable for microwave use). All cutlery and cooking utensils, pots and pans must be suitable for use on an electric hob. It is also advisable to bring tea towels, dishcloths and coat hangers.

Will my son/daughter miss out if they live at home?

There are many benefits to living in student residences, not least the opportunity to meet and live with students of different cultures and backgrounds. However, in this economic climate many students are choosing to live at home while they study in order to save money.

If your son/daughter makes this decision, it is important to consider the cost of travelling to and from university. Our city-centre campus is well placed for commuters, with excellent road, rail and public transport links.

Is there car parking available at the University?

Our location in the heart of the city puts on-campus parking at a premium and car parking is not available for our students unless they are registered disabled with mobility issues.

However, with more than 40 easy-to-find car parks across Southampton, including 4,000 spaces at a retail park just 10 minutes' walk away, your son/daughter should never struggle to find somewhere to park nearby.

Security and welfare

Student life provides young people with the opportunity to be independent and stand on their own two feet, but we believe that help should never be far away if they need it. All our student residences have a dedicated management team on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each residence, study-bedroom and kitchen is designed to ensure only residents can gain access.

The residences meet the current fire safety regulations and the government approved codes of practice for management of student accommodation. Southampton is also fortunate to be one of only a few cities that have dedicated Police Higher Education Liaison Officers who are on hand to give confidential help or advice.

We would welcome comments from parents and students alike, and if, over the course of the year, you have additional questions we could include, please let us know.

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