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We believe everyone deserves to feel secure and respected in their own homes. That includes the choice of LGBT+ accommodation. We aim to ensure all University accommodation is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for everyone. Some students find it helpful to be living in accommodation specifically for LGBT+ students along with people who may have shared life experiences. We offer students the option of selecting LGBT+ accommodation when applying to live with us.

Is the LGBT+ accommodation available for LGBT allies?

No. It is intended that this accommodation is exclusively for those who identify as LGBT+. This offers residents a place of peer support where they can use their shared experiences to help harbour an inclusive and positive space.

Is there single-gender LGBT+ accommodation?

Our LGBT+ accommodation provision is open to people of all genders. You can select the option regardless of your gender identity and can expect to live with other students of other gender identities. If you wish to live in single-gender accommodation, please select that option when applying, rather than LGBT+.

Can I change my gender and chosen name after I have registered?

Your student record is a legal record which will record your legal name and details. However, you can populate the chosen name field on your accommodation account to ensure our Accommodation and Residences Life staff address you correctly. Please also feel free to make all members of our teams aware of your pronouns when communicating with them. For support regarding transitioning when at university, please contact and consider contacting the Students' Union LGBT+ Solent committee.

For more information on LGBT+ accommodation, please contact the accommodation office at or call +44 (0)23 8201 5040.

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