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With 805 study-bedrooms, this residence consists of seven separate buildings, which are all close to the Ocean Village waterfront with its boats, bars, cafés and cinemas. 


  • Flat configuration containing six, eight or 10 single study-bedrooms, each with a washbasin.
  • Individual toilet and shower facilities in each flat.
  • Wheelchair accessible rooms.
  • Kitchen/diners equipped with storage area, fridges/freezers, electric hobs, conventional and microwave ovens, kettles and vacuum cleaners.
  • Vending machines for cold drinks and confectionery.
  • Laundry room equipped with card operated washing machines and tumble dryers.
  • Secure bicycle storage points and parking for 136 cars (including four disabled spaces).
  • Photocopying facilities on-site.
  • Three common rooms including Sky TV, DVD player, Nintendo Wii and pool table.
  • All study-bedrooms are fitted with WiFi access.
  • Designated quieter areas available.


Non en-suite rooms

  • £112.60 per week
  • £4,648.77 for standard* period of residence.

Non en-suite rooms

  • £99.89 per week
  • £4,794.72 for an extended** 48-week period of residence.

* Standard residence period runs from 15 September 2016 to 1 July 2017 (41 weeks and 2 days).

Finding Lucia Foster Welch

As you drive easterly along Canute Road, turn left into Royal Crescent Road (opposite the entrance to Ocean Village). Stay on Royal Crescent Road and turn left into the car park just before you go under the road bridge.

Access down from Saltmarsh Road/Itchen bridge roundabout is restricted. You will need to go via Canute Road.

Lucia Foster Welch Student Residence
Royal Crescent Road
SO14 3ZP

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