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Working with Solent students is a great way to utilise their skills for your business and to give our students essential experience in the professional world. It can be a great way to source talent and to develop closer links with the University.

Our students develop a range of skills while at university, ranging from teamwork, to project management and self-awareness. Our students are motivated and passionate and want to make a difference. We encourage them to self-reflect and be critical thinkers - all key skills that translate into the world of work.

Part-time/casual work

We have thousands of students who are actively looking for part-time work, whether directly related to their course or not. Available in the evenings, weekends, and at occasional times during weekdays, students can bring a unique perspective and enthusiasm to any business.

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Work experience

Work experience is extremely valuable to students as it shows evidence of their skills, commitment and understanding of the industry. We know that without experience, particularly in sectors such as media, advertising and journalism, it can be very difficult to compete for work - for many students, unpaid work experience provides a route into these industries. We are always looking for employers to offer work experience - it's a great way to identify future employees, so please get in touch!

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A placement is a role in your organisation undertaken by a student for a planned period. Solent has a really flexible approach to placements and they can range from one day a week, to a block in summer, and year long. The aim of a placement is to bridge the gap between academic study and professional experience.

A placement offers:

  • Additional resource to complete projects and short-term objectives.
  • Motivated students with specialist knowledge and cutting-edge ideas.
  • A means of identifying potential employees for future employment.
  • A low-risk recruitment method through 'growing your own'.

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Digital marketing placement at Marwell

Placements at Carnival UK

Solent University mentoring programme

We welcome interest from prospective mentors who want to participate in our student mentoring programme at Solent. Mentors will work one-to-one with talented students and give them an employer insight into future graduate career paths. We will provide support. Both mentors and mentees describe the experience they gained as invaluable. Please watch the videos below for more information.

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Live briefs

Get a fresh perspective on a project or challenge - deliver a brief to groups of our innovative, creative students, and pick the best ideas from the talent pool. This approach is ideal for starting or developing areas which you otherwise would not have the resource to deliver.

Case study

Recently, some our our BA (Hons) Public Relations and Communications students took part in a live brief to pitch a public relations campaign to a local agency as part of their digital PR unit.

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Volunteering offers valuable experience to individuals while supporting non-profit organisations. We encourage students to undertake volunteering activity during their time with us, either during the holiday periods or in term time.

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Employ a graduate

Employing graduates into your business or organisation can be extremely rewarding. Graduates represent some of the brightest and well-educated sectors of the employment market - they have great enthusiasm and are highly motivated. Many of our graduates have already been working while at university, and their course would have prepared them for industry. We can help you to advertise graduate roles from graduate schemes to internships.

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Our students are enterprising. Many of them start up their own business - we support them all the way through and you can get involved too! Whether you have a start up or you would like to mentor or support students or graduates who are starting their own business, please get in touch.

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