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British Pie Week

Week 26

4 March 2019

Are you in the 75% of the population who enjoy a pie at least once a month? If so, our recipes will definitely whet your appetite!

Cooking basics

Before we get started, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to prevent making yourself ill while cooking. Some people are brought up as the sous-chef of the family, while others are served food like a king.


Top tips for a hygienic kitchen 

  • Wash your hands before and after cooking – especially if there’s raw meat involved.
  • Wipe down the surfaces with antibacterial spray before and after preparing your food.
  • Keep the hobs clean by wiping/scraping any spillages off as soon as possible.
  • Empty your bins regularly before they overflow (unless you want pet rats).
  • Wash up any pots and pans as you go, then you’ve only got your plates and cutlery to clean at the end.

If you apply these tips to your kitchen it should be a safe environment to knock up your favourite meals.

Did somebody say Brie Pie?

Now, let's get on with the good stuff! It is British Pie Week after all... For all of you cheese lovers, we’ve got the most delicious and simple pie for you from Olive Magazine - anyone could make it! With four main ingredients and just three steps to cooking, you really can’t go wrong with this one. Find the recipe here.


Lean in 15

If you haven’t heard of the sensational Joe Wicks, you’re doing something wrong! His books, Lean in 15, are the holy bible for students on the hunt for healthy meal inspiration.

As it's British Pie Week we’re going to introduce you to The Body Coach’s chicken pie, which isn't a great example of the quick cooking Joe preaches, as it takes an hour. But it's worth the wait!


If you’re a fan of chicken pie, this one is an essential to add to your weekly menu. It serves four so you can either share the goods or have it for lunch/dinner the next day!

You can find the ingredients and recipe here.

Eat your greens

There are loads of brilliant vegetarian pie recipes out there as well. If you're a veggie, or even if you're not - this simple and budget-friendly Italian-style cottage pie will get your taste buds tingling! Take a look at the recipe here.

Italian cottage pie

Starter, main ... now pud!

This is extreme, but some of you might want to go all out. So, we've catered for your needs and provided you with a full three-course meal. Binging with Babish is another great source of recipes and inspiration. If you're feeling adventurous, here's how to make your own pastry and how to make a delicious apple pie!

Find the full recipe and methods here.


Think you know pie?

Last but not least, we've decided to test you pie fanatics! Take our quiz to find out how well you know pie!