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British Pie Week

Week 26

11 March 2024

Other than our love for all things to do with university applications, we also love a good pie. So For this week's 52 Things To Do, we figured we'd take a well-earned break and focus our attention on British Pie Week! So from Monday to Sunday, we've got some tried and tested options for you!

Cooking basics

Before we get started, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to prevent making yourself ill while cooking.

Top tips for a hygienic kitchen

  • Wash your hands before and after cooking – especially if there’s raw meat involved.
  • Wipe down the surfaces with antibacterial spray before and after preparing your food.
  • Keep the hobs clean by wiping/scraping any spillages off as soon as possible.
  • Empty your bins regularly before they overflow (unless you want pet rats).
  • Wash up any pots and pans as you go, then you’ve only got your plates and cutlery to clean at the end.

If you apply these tips to your kitchen it should be a safe environment to knock up your favourite meals.

Meat-Free Mondays

If you're a fan of meat-free Mondays, we've got TWO pies for you - we couldn't pick a favourite.

Firstly, BBC Good Food's vegan pie! It goes really well with a simple salad and some boiled new potatoes! Yum.

Check out the recipe here

Vegan rainbow pie, from BBC Good Food

There are also loads of brilliant vegetarian pie recipes out there as well. This simple and budget-friendly Italian-style cottage pie (again from BBC Good Food) will get your taste buds tingling, and keep your pockets full of change.

Take a look at the recipe here

Italian cottage pie

Tuesday = Cheeseday

Did somebody say brie pie?

For all of you cheese lovers, we’ve got the most delicious and simple pie for you from Olive Magazine - anyone could make it! With four main ingredients and just three steps to cooking, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Find the recipe here


Wellness Wednesday

We all have to look after ourselves and pies aren't exactly the healthiest of dinners. But don't worry! The British Heart Foundation have you covered. They've got some top tips and a couple of recipes to make sure your pies are a little bit healthier.

Find out more from the British Heart Foundation

A pie which says 'have your pie and eat it'

Thursday treats

Binging with Babish is another great source of recipes and inspiration. If you haven't heard of it, all of his recipes come straight from your favourite shows! We figured we'd choose a sweet treat for Thursday. The classic apple pie.

Find the full recipe and methods


Fish Fridays

Never mind the usual fish and chip Fridays. We're bringing you a fish pie Friday! Waitrose has a simple but great recipe (you can get the same ingredients from other supermarkets) for a quick but very tasty fish pie. So quick, in fact, it should only take you about 15 minutes!

The recipe is here


Super Saturdays

We figured we'd give you a bit of a challenge for Saturday, and give you a slightly tricky recipe. Some say that the lemon meringue pie is one of the hardest pies to make. You can't have a soggy bottom and you've got to whisk eggs and sugar so well that you can stick your head under an upside down bowl. We've found a Mary Berry recipe that even has some helpful how-to videos:

Get the whisking with this recipe

Lemon meringue pie

And, if you're looking for some fancy pie decorating techniques, check out these geometrical pies! It will take some time and patience but you can try to replicate some of these beautiful pies!

Lazy Sundays

It's Sunday! And if you're not completely sick of pies yet, we've got just one more pie for you. This easy chicken and leek puff pie from Olive magazine. This should only take an hour to make but will keep you full for a lot more! Just what you need on a Sunday! 

Here's the recipe

Olive magazine's chicken and leek puff pie

Think you know pie?

Last but not least, we've decided to test you pie fanatics! Take our quiz to find out how well you know pie!