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Are you an athlete looking to build a training plan? Or are you recovering from a sports-related injury? Solent's sports science laboratory can provide you with the equipment, support and advice to build effective training or injury rehabilitation programmes.

The laboratory has been used by professional sports teams, such as Southampton FC, Swindon Town FC and Hampshire Cricket. High-level endurance athletes, such as elite runners, cyclists and triathletes, have also made use of our facilities, which are now available to the public for hire.

Solent's sports science laboratory provides industry-standard equipment and expert advice for athletes of all abilities and levels - whether you're starting out and want to assess your athletic abilities, you're returning to training after a break, or you want to improve your performance. Using the equipment in the lab, our team of experts will help you get the most out of your time by giving you a full assessment.

The anti-gravity treadmill is designed to help with sports injuries. It uses air pressure to reduce body weight to aid rehabilitation by reducing the impact on joins and muscles.

The Lactate Threshold test sets suitable training zones based on lactate inflection points. The VO2max test calculates your maximum aerobic capacity and can also set training zones based on heart rate, velocity and workload. There is also an option to combine both the lactate threshold and the VO2max tests. Any of these tests will contribute to maximising your athletic performance.

Metabolic efficiency testing is designed to give the athlete two key values:

  • Resting metabolic rate - the number of calories burned at rest
  • Metabolic efficiency - a workload where the crossover point between fat and carbohydrate occurs

Metabolic efficiency - providing a workload where the crossover point between fat and carbohydrate occurs.

The Body Composition Bod Pod is considered the practical gold standard for body composition assessment in the industry. It provides accurate measurements including body fat percentage and resting metabolic rate, giving you the right information to inform your diet and training programme.

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We are situated in the heart of Southampton city centre. Southampton benefits from excellent access to airports, train stations, ferry terminals and major motorways, so getting here should be no problem at all.

By car

Southampton is just 75 miles (120km) from London and 21 miles (34km) from the Channel ports. The nearest car parks are located about 10 minutes' walk away, at Grosvenor Square (SO15 2BE) and Bedford Place (SO15 2DS).

By train

The nearest train station is Southampton Central. For more help with arranging train travel, please visit the National Rail Enquiries website: