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Whether you are a student arriving at the University in September 2015 or you're just looking to relive the incredible Freshers' experience again in your second or third year, Southampton Solent University Students' Union have prepared an amazing programme for you.

Official Solent Freshers' 2015 information

Please note that these are the only official channels of information about Freshers' Fortnight at Solent

Official Solent Freshers' Fortnight 2015 Facebook page

Official Solent Freshers' 2015 group on Facebook

AAA 2015 Facebook page

AAA 2015 event on Facebook

What sort of events will there be?

The Students' Union run a wide range of events and activities throughout the fortnight.

This includes both large-scale club night events such as the Freshers' Ball and Big Night Out (which are part of the AAA Pass schedule), and daytime and non-drinking based activities and events, from board and console game nights, to city tours, to BBQs for international and postgraduate students.

Whatever your interests, you can guarantee the Students' Union has something for you!

What is the AAA Pass?

The AAA Pass is a wristband sold to students through the Students' Union over the summer holidays.

The band grants you access to not only the amazing large-scale official Freshers' events, but also a whole range of smaller, club night events throughout the whole fortnight.

Buying this wristband will help to ensure you save money over the fortnight, rather than paying more for individual entry fees.