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Arvind and Prakriti Malhotra, co-founders of the FutureSense Group and husband and wife, received honorary fellowships from Solent University, Southampton on Tuesday 9 July.

9th July 2024
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Awarded as part of the University’s 2024 graduation ceremonies, Arvind and Prakriti have been recognised for the direct benefit their work has delivered for students; providing meaningful experiences that lead to positive change through Challenges Abroad.

A bespoke programme made specifically for Solent, Challenges Abroad – a volunteer offering that fosters cultural exchange led by Prakriti –has connected students with global communities to foster connections and have a meaningful impact on the world.

Together, the influential duo set up FutureSense Group – a social enterprise that works in partnership with universities to provide opportunities for students to gain new skills – in 2001, and it has gone from strength to strength since then. They say:

“We are extremely honoured and humbled to be recognised by Solent University with the award of an Honorary Fellowship. Through our Challenges Abroad programme we aim to prepare graduates for a more connected Global world.”

Arvind has more than 30 years' experience in business and management on an international scale and is a champion of global citizenship. He began his professional career at Unilever and held a number of leadership roles in global organisations before setting up FutureSense Group.

Arvind Malhotra

Prakriti has been involved in development work at a grassroots level for over three decades and is passionate about tackling women’s rights; she is an advocate of change and equality brought about through education and community action. Perhaps one of today’s most influential advocates for education and community action, Prakriti is celebrated for her contributions to global development.

Pratriki Malhotra

Through Challenges Abroad, and working in developing countries such as Cambodia, Nepal, Peru and Tanzania, students at Solent meet communities and deliver activities that have a lasting impact, while growing their own knowledge of the world around them.