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This page has been designed to complement our main web page by housing various resources we feel can support you and your students.

You are welcome to download and share them through your institution. Naturally, if you have any other resources you feel would help you please get in touch with us individually or on:

Solent University course brochures

Our subject area course brochures are available to download and share with colleagues and your students.

Applying to university

Personal statement journal
This guide will help your students write their personal statements with tips and advice, and clear sections to enable them to focus on the key information required. This document is to be used in conjunction with a personal statement workshop run by our team. Please contact us to arrange one.

Contextual offers - information for teachers
Download a leaflet with information for teachers about Solent University's contextual admissions for students from a disadvantaged background.

Contextual offers - information for students
Download a leaflet with information for students about Solent University's contextual admissions for students from a disadvantaged background.

Solent University open days

Virtual open days 2021 poster
Download the poster to display in your institution.

Open days powerpoint slide
Download this slide to use in your presentations.

Being a student at Solent University

Performance sport at Solent
Download a flyer with information about our performance sport programme for talented athletes.

Student support

XLR8 to Success
XLR8 to Success is a holistic and mental health-focused online programme for those in year 9 and above, including adults. It supports learners with information, tools and advice on dealing with adversity and challenging times. The programme offers support in three areas:

  • Health - improving diet and nutrition and physical activity.
  • Wellbeing - introducing mindfulness.
  • Challenging times - dealing with adversity and employing resilience skills.

Please share this link with your students.

Once the short form is completed, they will have access to the resources.

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