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What we can do for you

The Schools and Colleges Liaison Team provide information, advice and support for prospective students, teachers, advisers, parents and carers.

We can offer you and your colleagues:

  • a dedicated point of contact
  • a tailored programme of Gatsby Benchmark and curriculum linked activity
  • extensive resources
  • networking opportunities

We are back delivering on-campus activities, such as bespoke and scheduled taster days, showcasing all our courses and the careers they lead into.

Our open days are now also being delivered on campus and virtually.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss ways we can support your students, please read on for ways you can stay in touch, or click the red ‘contact us’ button above.

Collaboration is at the heart of our work

We wish to work closely with you and colleagues within your institution to support your students. There are several ways you can stay in touch, work with us, and stay up to date with what's happening at Solent.


Register to receive the team’s newsletters, full of all things Solent, and events designed to support your students and you. Simply click on the appropriate link below and allow email communications. Teaching staff will be sent emails tailored to their subject/s of interest expressed on the form. Careers staff will receive these subject-specific newsletters and our monthly general newsletters highlighting all courses.

Careers staff - click here to stay in touch

Teaching staff - click here to stay in touch


If you have any questions or would like to discuss ways we can support your students, email your contact within the team or the whole team on


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Online and in-person sessions

To book one of our in-person or online sessions listed below, please email your contact or

  • Personal statements
  • Student finance
  • Choosing a university
  • Applying to university
  • Building the best you - confidence and resilience
  • Student life
  • Study and revision skills
  • Transition to higher education
  • Employability
  • Portfolios, auditions and interviews
  • Applying to nursing
  • Subject tasters

Social work taster sessions

Academic-led interactive sessions for budding social workers answering crucial questions: What do social workers do? Where do they work? How is the Solent course (one of the best in the south) structured?

Enquire now


Events for students

Solent University is running a series of ‘Get ready to…’ webinars which will give students a range of information and support throughout their journey to higher education – from the initial stages of choosing a course and making an application process through to applying for student finance and getting prepared to go to university.

These webinars will be hosted by a range of people within Solent University including members of the Schools and Colleges Liaison team, academic staff and current undergraduate students.

August 2022

You're probably familiar with the term ‘personal statement’ – if you're not and you're thinking of applying to university, you soon will be!

This webinar, from 5.30-6.30pm, will talk through your all-important personal statement, which is an essential part of your UCAS application.

It will help you begin to understand the types of things you need to include, tips for getting started and how to find out information to write a strong personal statement.

It's also your opportunity to explore how you can sell yourself through your personal statement and ensure you're highlighting how passionate you are about your chosen subject, how motivated and engaged you will be, and why you’re very suitable for the course.

Once registered, you will be sent an email containing the details you need to log in on the day.

Students should register here

Subject-specific student events

The relationship between sport and social exclusion: unpacking the socio-historical-cultural barriers to access and participation

This virtual event will be an interesting and engaging session for anyone looking to study sport at university.

This interactive session will encourage students to work together on a short mind-mapping exercise and will have follow up activities during the session, using the ideas the group have generated.

There will also be the chance to talk about courses and careers in sport management and the exciting opportunities students can be involved in through studying this course. Students will also be able to ask any questions they may have.

These sessions can run on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

To discuss dates, find out more information, or to book a session for a group of your students, please email

Get ready to find out about psychology

Academics from our psychology department are offering a range of one-hour virtual interactive sessions for colleges, including activities which will introduce your students to various areas of psychology.

Sessions can be offered in:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Sport and exercise psychology
  • Cognitive psychology

Please email to enquire about booking.

Get ready to discover sport and exercise science

Academics from our sports department are offering colleges the opportunity to book a virtual session on sport and exercise science which will look at aspects of this exciting and popular subject. Sessions can be offered physiological testing, data collection and applied physiology.

This can cover team sports and individual sport and can look at different testing protocols that students may have studied in college, eg, VO2max, and explain why they are important.

Please email to enquire about booking.

Events for staff

CPD - Implementation of the Solicitor's Qualification Examination (SQE)

This event is for any school or college staff who would like to know how best to support their students interested in studying law at university. The seminar will last no longer than an hour and will cover the main changes to becoming a solicitor or barrister; the Solicitors Qualification Examination (SQE); the types of skils law student develop during their studies, and more.

Find out more and register


These resources are designed to support you, your students and their families with their transition to university.

To start, your students can get a feel for Southampton and Solent in a number of ways. They can chat to Solent students, read our Solent Stories and take a virtual tour of Solent

Then, to take that next step, they can follow our fun, multiple-award-winning 52 things to do guide to applying for university. This is a handy week by week set of activities to support students applying for university. It features a personal statement review hub service on weeks 5 and 12. There is also information about contextual admissions for students from a disadvantaged background.

Open days

Experience Solent for yourself at one of our undergraduate open days.

Open days

News and events