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Step into Success

Raising aspirations for your future

We would like to invite your school and learners to participate in our exciting Step into Success programme.

Step into Success gives learners in years 5-11 the chance to access a great variety of activities, events and competitions, designed to instil a passion for learning and to raise their aspirations for the future.

Solent believes that every child with the ability to succeed should be able to take advantage of the benefits of higher education, whatever their social background. Step into Success is an important part of that, supporting the hard work of teachers and schools by giving young people from disadvantaged backgrounds a chance to see the opportunities a university education can open up for them.

By participating, your learners will discover for themselves exactly what higher education is so that when the time comes, they can make an informed decision about their future.

We have activities available for our partner schools as well as non-partners - these are targeted towards specific key stages. The aim is to enable learners to integrate themes around careers, progression and higher education with the maths, science and English curriculum. We have on- and off-campus delivery options (subject to availability) which serve to demonstrate the links between education and future life choices.

In addition to the activities detailed below, the Step into Success team are happy to attend school parents' evenings, careers fairs and similar information events. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like a member of our team to attend.

Activities for your learners

Year group 5

Activity Partner Non-partner 
Mini Movie Makers   Yes  
Primary Programmers  Yes   
Wow Assembly  Yes  Yes 

Year group 6

ActivityPartner Non-partner 
Passport Programme - Secondary (bespoke programme)  Yes   
Introduction to University  Yes  Yes 
Ask the Vice-Chancellor  Yes   
Primary Programmers  Yes   
Wow Assembly  Yes  Yes 

Year group 7

ActivityPartner Non-partner 
Introduction to University (assembly and workshop)  Yes  Yes (assembly only) 
Spaghetti Challenge  Yes   
Step into STEM  Yes   

Year group 8

ActivityPartner Non-partner 
My Solent Story (assembly)  Yes  Yes 
Spaghetti Challenge (workshop)  Yes   
Step into STEM (workshop)  Yes   
Making the Right Choice (assembly and workshop)  Yes  Yes (assembly only) 

Year group 9

Activity Partner Non-partner 
Presenting Your Future (assembly and workshop)  Yes  Yes (assembly only) 
My Solent Story (assembly)  Yes  Yes 
Step into STEM (workshop)  Yes   
Making the Right Choice (assembly and workshop)  Yes  Yes (assembly only) 

Year group 10

Activity Partner Non-partner 
Why Your GCSEs Matter  (assembly)    
Exam Preparation and Revision (workshop)  Yes   
Cha-Ching (workshop)  Yes   
Be the Boss (workshop)  Yes   

Year group 11

Activity Partner Non-partner 
Exam Preparation and Revision (workshop)  Yes   
GCSE Get Ready (6-week programme)  Yes   
Next Steps Programme - FE (bespoke programme)  Yes   
Cha-Ching  Yes   
Be the Boss  Yes   
Big Steps Training  Yes   
Bouncing Back - Academic Resilience Workshop  Yes   

All year groups

Activity Partner Non-partner 
Careers fair information stand  Yes  Yes 
Parents evening information stand  Yes  Yes 
Higher education information stand  Yes  Yes 

Activity descriptions

Ask the Vice-Chancellor
As part of our on campus Introduction to University day, this event offers your pupils the chance to explore our campus and take part in fun, creative activities, which introduce them to the concept of university. They'll also have the rare opportunity to put the Solent’s Vice-Chancellor to the test in a question-and-answer session.

Young learners with the Vice-Chancellor 

Be The Boss
A two-hour workshop for KS3 and KS4 pupils to familiarise them with employability skills, the importance of a 'good CV', and personal skills action planning.

Bouncing Back
A 1.5-hour workshop designed to introduce the concept of resiliency to your pupils. Targeted specifically at those preparing to sit their GCSE exams, this workshop focuses on academic resilience and coping with the next stage in their post-16 journey.

An interactive technology-based game enabling learners to develop an awareness of the financial support available at university and understand and explore budgeting techniques to support the day-to-day costs of being a student.

Exam Preparation and Revision
This two-hour workshop supports learners in managing their learning, developing research skills, and working and presenting in groups.

GCSE Get Ready
A six-week programme supporting existing school-led GCSE Maths and English revision. Each session lasts one hour.

Introduction to University
A creative and interactive workshop for year 6-8 learners which introduces them to the concept of university, dispels myths and misconceptions and raises aspirations. This is available as a 20 minute assembly or a two-hour workshop.

Young learners describing their university

Presenting Your Future
A two-hour workshop for older secondary-aged learners which enables them to become familiar with routes to careers. This session encourages learners to investigate links to current study, explore levels, qualifications and labour market trends.

Make the Right Choice
An activity for year 8-9 pupils to introduce the concept of GCSEs, choosing their options, and an exploration of career progression.

Mini Movie Makers
Everybody loves the movies and we invite children in year 5 to become the next generation of movie makers.

Working in collaboration with our in-house talent agency, Solent Creatives, and students from our  performance degrees, we provide pupils with drama workshops and opportunities to write and film their very own magazine style show. Pupils then have the chance to showcase their skills at a red carpet event held at our modern Spark building.

The duration of this programme will be agreed with the participating school and depends on availability of resources and school calendar.

Mini Movie Makers on the red carpet

My Solent Story
Delivered by a current Solent student, this 15-minute assembly aims to excite and enthuse students and give them a taste of student life. It will chart one student's educational journey from choosing their GCSE options to degree-level study and beyond.

Next Step Programme
The transition from year 11 to further education can be as daunting as it is exciting. Our Next Step Programme aims to equip your pupils with the skills and confidence needed for a successful start in the next stage of their education.

With workshops and activities focused on timetable management, independent study, and change in curriculum, critical thinking and stress management. The Next Step Programme will enable pupils to better manage their expectations of being a FE student and ease their transition from secondary to FE-level study. The duration of this programme will be agreed with the participating school/college but usually takes place over two days.

Passport Programme (primary to secondary school)
We understand that a smooth, positive and exciting transition from year 6 to year 7 is crucial to the start of each child’s secondary education. The aim of the Passport Programme is for every pupil to move up to secondary school feeling excited, confident and cared for.

Young learners graduating from the Passport Programme

Along with a bespoke supporting workbook for each child, we work with both primary and preferred secondary schools to organise a range of activities in the summer term to help prepare them for this important transition. The duration of this programme will be agreed with the participating schools.

Primary Programmers
Beyond just reading and writing, basic literacy today requires familiarity with computing and technology. As smart phones and cloud-based devices integrate every facet of our lives with the internet, future careers will need to adapt to ever-changing technology, regardless of whether they are in technical fields, corporate environments, small business, or the arts. 

At Solent University we believe that children and young people should not just be playing on their mobile phones, they should be programming them too.

Delivered by specialist Student Ambassadors this one-hour-a-week, after school coding club will give your pupils the chance to learn how to stay safe online, create games, animations and websites whilst learning the key concepts of programming.

Spaghetti Challenge
A 1.5-hour team-based activity where learners use basic engineering concepts to compete against each other to build freestanding structures. The challenge level of this activity is differentiated by year group.

Step into STEM
A free day during February/October half term which allows students to explore the world of science, technology, engineering and maths beyond the classroom.

Young learners programming

Big Steps Training (school prefect and HE ambassador training)
We believe that leadership skills are extremely important for young people to develop and to do so effectively. We work collaboratively with your school or college to develop a 2 hour workshop that will be delivered by Solent staff and Student Ambassadors.

The Big Steps two-hour workshop is a leadership training programme specifically for pupils in years 10-13 which enable them to support those lower down the school and promote their institution at parents/information evenings and events.

Why your GCSEs Matter
This is a 20-minute assembly which explains what GCSEs are, highlights the importance of obtaining good GCSE results, and progression pathways beyond GCSE exams.

Wow Assembly
From space craft designers and forensic engineers, to authors and award-winning illustrators, our 20-minute Wow Assemblies are delivered by one of our academics. They aim to provide your pupils with a window to new subjects of study and areas of work they can aspire to.

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