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Amy King

BSc (Hons) Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
Graduated 2017

Portrait image of Amy King

How did university prepare you for your career?

Solent University prepared me for my career by providing me with real-world experience. This not only boosted my CV and employability for when I graduated, but also increased my confidence and helped me define my career path. I’m employed full-time as the health and exercise development officer for Solent University, in which role I’ve helped to generate, develop and deliver new business opportunities for the University. Through civic engagement, I have delivered physical activity and health interventions within the local community and also assisted with the running and development of the Solent exercise referral scheme. I am currently developing my portfolio to become a registered public health practitioner with UKPHR.

Tell us about what you're doing now and what a typical working day involves

My role as health and exercise development officer is varied and involves working with lots of different communities within the sports complex and nutrition labs. Every day is different. Some days I will be delivering fitness classes or cook-and-eat sessions. Others I will be performing body MOTs and having one-to-ones with staff, students or members of the public to help them make healthy lifestyle changes. On occasion, I will be in the office writing funding applications and helping colleagues with research. I also help supervise the Solent exercise referral scheme through which students studying the BSc Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science course get to work with referred patients with medical conditions, and write and deliver an exercise rehabilitation programme for them. This also gives me the opportunity to continue to learn from the patients and amazing lecturers. It’s weird that only a few years ago I was a student working on the referral scheme, and now I’m supervising and helping the students.

Work hard, never stop learning, and get as much experience as possible of working with all ranges of people.

What’s your career highlight so far?

My career highlight so far is turning the health promotion project I designed on one of my modules into a permanent programme at the Solent Sports Complex, where it continues to grow. I find it very rewarding helping ladies from all backgrounds achieve their health and weight loss goals. I have written a case study about my project and am in the process of completing a chapter for a book, which will mark my first academic publication. My Ladies Only health and exercise intervention has definitely been my career highlight so far.

What tips would you give to someone wanting a career in your industry?

Work hard, never stop learning, and get as much experience as possible of working with all ranges of people. Working in public health means you will come into contact with people from all walks of life, so it’s an advantage if you can talk confidently to anyone and everyone. You only get that experience on a course which offers real experiences with real people, not just case studies, essays or being stuck in a lab. I took advantage of all the internal real-world learning opportunities that my course offered, and in the end the University employed me!

How has the BSc Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science course helped you?

You cover each element of anatomy and physiology, exercise science and rehabilitation, public health, nutrition and psychology for three years, so you’re not focusing on one thing and just touching on the others, like other courses I looked at. This was extremely confidence-building for me to know that I was being sufficiently educated in all aspects. When I started at university I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do after graduating, or what I would be in the future – just that I liked these subjects and wanted to be involved in helping people. This course gives you time to settle in and find your interests and strengths, so you know you’re making wise, informed career decisions. I would never have guessed I would be the University’s health and exercise development officer.