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Jonathan Trayner

Dr Jonathan Trayner

Associate Lecturer

School of Art, Design and Fashion


Jonathan received his PhD in Fine Art from the University of Reading in 2019 with his written thesis focusing on the pamphlets and visual culture of the German Peasants’ War of 1525.

He recently published an essay ‘Sacred Violence and the German Peasants’ War’ in the volume On Violence, edited by Sharon Kivland and Rebecca Jagoe (2018).

He has presented at the Sixteenth Century Society Conference and is a book reviewer for the Sixteenth Century Journal. Alongside his academic work, he is a practising artist and printmaker - recent projects include: V.D.M.I.Æ. various locations (2016-present); Centre for Remote Possibilities, Matt’s Gallery, London (2014); The (Im)Possible School, Tate Modern, London; Corbin Union Residency, Corbin BC, Canada, (2012); Sandarbh Residency Programme, Partapur, India (2010) and Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, Berlin (2009).

Jonathan lives and works mostly in London.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Teaching experience

    Follow the link below to find out more about Jonathan's teaching experience.

    2018 to present: Visiting lecturer, Leeds University

    2014 to present: Sessional lecturer, University of Reading

    2007 to 2009: Associate lecturer, Chelsea College of Art and Design

  2. Research interests

    Jonathan's research interests lie in contemporary art, especially performance and video; science/speculative fiction and culture; the Northern Renaissance/16th Century visual culture; the history of printmaking globally, especially in relation to politics; and the relationship between political and aesthetic subjectivity with particular reference to the writing of Jacques Rancière.
  3. Recent publications

    “Sacred Violence and the German Peasants' War” in On Violence, edited by Sharon Kivland and Rebecca Jagoe, MA Bibliothèque (2018)