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Mahmoudreza Haghdousti

Mahmoudreza Haghdousti MSc


Warsash Maritime School

Room no. RM403


Mahmoud joined Solent University in August 2019 and lectures on the Warsash Maritime School senior engineer management level certification programmes.

Before joining Solent, Mahmoud joined the Maritime Training Institute (MTI) as a senior lecturer in 1998 and was promoted to engineering department manager in 2000. He held this position until 2006. He then served as director of training and research/deputy principal from 2006 to 2013. He was principal from 2013 to 2019, during which time he gained valuable experience in leadership, strategic management and administration of training centre activities, as well as staff development, quality assurance of the training process and application of information and communication technologies in training centre management services, and resources for improved organizational performance.

As a need to keep up-to-date in the very dynamic world of rules, regulations and conventions, Mahmoud had a very positive participation in the STCW subcommittee in IMO headquarters in London (attended htw1, htw2, htw3, htw4 and htw5) and, as a member of International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), he attended the IAMU general assembly frequently, which was held in one of the IAMU member universities around the world each year.

As a maritime researcher Mahmoud conducted extensive research on optimisation of fuel consumption of different types of diesel engines in order to adjust fuel timing of various diesel engines with reference to the calorific value and specification of bunkered fuel oil. He also designed a fuel management course for marine superintendents as well as chief engineers, teaching them how to adjust fuel timing / FQS of various diesel engines to match with fuel calorific value of bunkered fuel oil, resulting in saving of fuel oil and better emission control .

As an examiner (STCW-PMO ) and member of the promotion committee / examination board of a shipping company, Mahmoud has ten years' experience in setting up marine engineering exam papers (Engineering Knowledge General and Motor).

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Mahmoud has sailed on merchant ships from fourth engineer to chief engineer on unlimited voyages of various types of ship, including general cargo, bulk carrier, container, and ro-ro passenger. He has experience of five ships dry-docking in Singapore and South Korea. He has also served as training adviser to the classification societies, as well as ports and maritime organisation.
  2. Teaching experience

    Mahmoud has been teaching STCW-related courses to marine engineers from cadet to senior engineer level for 20 years. He has a high record of teaching - 14,000 contact hours to more than 6,000 students and merchant navy officers.
  3. Research interests

    Mahmoud's research interests lie in fuel optimisation of marine diesel engines, ships' energy efficiency improvement, and higher education teaching.
  4. Recent publications

    Follow the link below to see Mahmoud's most recent publications.
    • Modelling marine diesel engine (turbocharger) using artificial neural networking.
    • Fuel optimisation of ship engines (two-stroke diesel engines) by adjustment of fuel pumps variable injection timing (VIT) and fuel quality setting (FQS) systems to match the fuel injection timing with calorific value of bunkered fuel.
  5. Awards

    Mahmoud has received a number of awards. Follow the link below to find out more.
    • Best Maritime Training University/Training Institute Director - Sea Economy day, 2014, Tehran-Iran
    • As principal of the best maritime training centre - World Maritime Day, 2014, PMO, Tehran -Iran
    • Best Iranian maritime researcher - World Maritime Day. PMO-2013
    • Invention registration patent no 66138 dated 2010 “Starting system of ocean-going vessel main diesel engine“, training simulator-IRAN
    • Best graduate (first position) of the year 1986 - BSc Marine Engineering, Pakistan Marine Academy and Karachi Shipyard