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Mark Hayes

Dr Mark Hayes PhD

Senior Lecturer

School of Business, Law and Communications

023 8201 3000 ext. 3000 Room no. SMX05


Mark started as an industrial labourer for British Shipbuilders in Woolston, Southampton in 1978. While studying for a degree, he was given a short-term contract as a lecturer. Mark obtained a first class honours degree in politics from Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1984. Before returning to his studies in 1986, he carried out various jobs for Hampshire County Council. He completed his PhD at the University of Southampton on the topic of the extreme right in British politics. Mark has published widely, including books, book chapters, journal articles, book reviews and commentary.

Taught courses

Further information

  1. Teaching experience

    Mark has taught in higher education for over 20 years and has published widely on a variety of subjects.
  2. Teaching

    Mark teaches the political environment of the UK, policing, politics and social change, politics of terrorism and violence and political violence and counter terrorism in Northern Ireland.
  3. Research interests

    Mark's research interests include Northern Ireland (republicanism), new right/conservatism/fascism, political violence/terrorism/media and soccer and society.
  4. Recent publications

    Mark's recent publications include book chapters, academic journals and case studies. Follow the link for more information...

     'The Imposition of Internment Without Trial in Northern Ireland, August 1971: Causes, Consequences and Lessons' Chapter 7 in Stratos Georgoulas (ed) (2012) 'The Politics of Criminology: Critical Studies on Deviance and Social Control Munster', Lit Verlag.

    'The Media War in Northern Ireland: A Comparative Case Study of the PIRA and the UDA' Chapter 5 in Banu Baybars-Hawks and Lemi Baruh (eds) (2011) 'If it was not for Terrorism: Crisis, Compromise and Elite Discourse in the Age of “War on Terror”' Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    'The British Government and the ‘Peace Process’ in Ireland'. Report for Ex-Prisoners Assistance Committee (EXPAC), Ireland (Monaghan) Conflicts of Interest Education Programme (EU Fund for Peace and Reconciliation), January 2011.

    'Paramilitary Groups in Northern Ireland, the Media War and the State: Semantics and Symbiosis – A Comparative Case Study of the PIRA and UDA' (with P. Norris) in Banu Baybars Hawks and Lemi Baruh (eds) 'Societies Under Siege: Media, Government, Politics and Citizens’ Freedoms in an Age of Terrorism Kadir Has University E-book, April 2010.

    'Sinn Fein and the New Republicanism in Ireland: Electoral Progress, Political Stasis, and Ideological Failure' (with Dr. K. Bean) Radical History Review Issue 104, Spring 2009 pp. 126-142.

    'Glasgow Celtic Fans, Political Culture and the Tiocfaidh Ar La Fanzine: Some Comments and a Content Analysis' Football Studies Vol 9 No.1 2006 pp. 5-18.

    'Political Violence, Irish Republicanism and the British Media: Semantics, Symbiosis and the State' Chapter 7 in P. Mason (ed): 'Criminal Visions: Media Representations of Crime and Justice' Willan 2003.

    'Republican Voices' (edited with Dr Kevin Bean) Seeysu Press 2001.

    'The New Right in Britain: An Introduction to Theory and Practice' Pluto Press 1994.